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The project is related to article posting site. This project is about collection of recipe articles. The administrator manages the list of articles and accepts or rejects the article send by the users. So this project also involves in article posting. The user can post a comment by giving his name, comment, and his emailed. The project also involves in forum discussions also. The user can create a topic and post their discussions and continue their forum.

Article Posting

Posting articles on other related web sites and forums is a great method of advertising your own site and products. Article posting in a large number of web pages leads to a large number of back links for you. What is more is that these links are considered to be of a much better quality than those provided by commercial link builders, thus increasing the value as well as the ranking of your web site by major search engines like Google. You can post articles in the vast number of on line article directories that accept articles on a wide variety of subjects. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the articles you post are related to your web site. Some points that will help you post articles that generate traffic and lead to loads of great exposure for you and your web site are as follows:

  • Remember that nothing sells like quality. So abstain from posting junk just so you may put another back link to your site. Instead, try to provide useful, informational and up to date content that helps people in solving problems and gaining knowledge. If you provide useful quality content while article posting, then readers will start thinking of you as an authority and keep coming back to your site for more.
  • When posting articles, try to make your article short and concise while keeping the title crisp and relevant.
  • Try to make your article as unique as possible, but keep it relevant to your target audience. Loads and loads of articles are submitted to popular on line article directories, but only some of them manage to attract a lot of traffic and positive reviews. So try to give the best as far as article posting is concerned. If you find it hard to generate good content yourself, then you can look for ghost writers who will do the job for you.
  • One of the most important things that we all know get traffic to any web page is the kind of keywords that you put in your content. There are a number of resources that will tell you about the kind of key words search engines look for. Heed their advice and generate new content as per their guidelines. Another thing that plays a major role in increasing your page rankings is the similarity between the title of your articles and the content of your web site. Keep this in mind while article posting .Search engines like google.com will give you greater priority if your article keywords, article title and web site content are the same. E.g. if your web site is a Brad Pitt Fan Page, then putting “Brad Pitt” in the title of your articles will help in increasing your page rankings.

Existing System

  • So it is long process and time would be taken more.
  • The existing system is a manual one so every work is done by manual.
  • In the manual system there is no security to all information.
  • Risk of mismanagement of data when the project is under development.
  • In the manual system time can be taken more.
  • Mismatching of data in advertisements.
  • Maintaining all the information’s in records so it is difficult. If they want any record they have to search all the records by manually.
  • Unable to maintain all recipe information at one place.

Proposed System

  • We can access any recipe immediately.
  • To maintain all recipes in a proper manner.
  • Country wise and culture wise recipes can maintain.
  • We can post our recipes to worldwide.
  • More user friendly with good GUI.

Software/ Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

•         SYSTEM                    : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

•         HARD DISK              : 40 GB

•         RAM                           : 512 MB

Software Requirements

1.    Operating system           : Windows XP Professional

2.    Technology                     : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

3.    Coding Language         : C#

4.    Front End                                    : ASP.Net

5.    Back End                         : SQL Server 2005.

Modules and its Description

This project contains 4 modules:



3.Article Manager


1.  User:

This module describes about the user. The user can post their article by giving his name, recipe name, ingredients and the instructions to cook.

In this the user can post comments to the topics in the forum, and can have their discussions in the forums. The users can browse through the site and can read their interested articles. And can post their comments also. And can vote for the polls too.

2. Search:

This module describes about the searching results. The user can select a category and enter keyword and find his required recipes. He can save recipe also. Then he can post a comment on the recipe by giving his name, email id,  and then his comment.

3. Article Manager:

This module is maintained by administrator. The administrator can to view all the articles. He can add the article by giving title, contents, keywords, and then select category. Then he can update the articles also.  


 This module is very common to all websites. The administrators have some more critical permission to the site. Here the responsible of the administrator is to provide the more useful services to the user and the customers. The administrator can give the authorization to the users to access the site and post their relevant articles. If the users are posting some junk information, then immediately administrator will take care of those users. If you want to change the user’s password, administrator can do such type of things.

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