Web Tourist

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The website offers the information to the tourists regarding specific Country or city. The system provides information regarding about hotels, apartments and restaurants that for rental purpose. By this system the visitor or tourist can make a request to system on his wishing one. And the system also provides that how much charge for the serviced apartments or Hotels that may be as per day charges or Monthly charges.


The existing system process like that the tourist can know the information regarding any serviced cottages or apartments through physically likes through brokers or any agency centers. The existing system only displays the information. To make any request to the system that is not possible in the existing system.


The proposed project is a single centralized framework. To overcome the problems in existing system developed this application data should maintain in centralized database. By this any where the authorized persons can view their information either it is personal or business matters by based on their roles and permissions. The system provides facility to the user (Visitor or Tourist) through this system that he can make a request to the system based on his required property.


The purpose of the system, which has been developed, is to allow an end user to interact with the e-booking system which provides some basic features such as acquiring hotels information, availability of accommodation in counters, booking of hotels online, preferred service class. This will also save a lot of time.


To facilitate booking and postponement of the hotels for tourists, operating within the world

This module mainly deals with four modules

1.   Administration

        i. Reports

       ii. Authentication

      iii.  Reports

2.    Advertise Management

3.    Registration

4.    Guest


This is the module where various functionalities will take place. In this module the categories and subcategories information provided into the system by authorized users like admin. Along with in this module user acceptance will take place by the administration persons and also can view the how many users on in online.


This is the module where various registrations will take place. Registration like user On-line registration (System Users (Business Owners) along with user’s vehicle registration also takes place. On user registration providing facility like user can upload the image. Business Owner registers his property details along with images. That information is located in the system.

Advertise Management:

This is the module where various advertisements will manage that are belongs to business owners. The users (Business owners) upload their property details into the system along with images with start date and end time. By based on end date the users (Business Owners) advertisements will display on the main page. All these advertise management will be under authorized admin users.


This module is comes under admin module as sub module. By this module admin can able to view various reports. How many users (Business Owners) are registered, their property reports.

Authentication Module:

This module contains all the information about the authenticated users. User without his username and password can’t enter into the login if he is only the authenticated user then he can enter to his login and then he will have authorization based upon their roles.

General User(Guest):

The general can user can access the system by providing the URL. He can view the information. And also he can mail to system that will receive the admin.


Hardware Specification:

Processor                           :         Intel P-IV based system

Processor Speed                 :         250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM                                   :         256MB

Hard Disk                           :         4GB to 30GB

Software Specification:

Language                            :        C#.NET

Technologies                      :         ASP.NET

Database                            :         SQL SERVER 2005

Web/Application server    :         Internet Information services (IIS)

Operating System              :         Windows NT/2000/XP

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