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Existing System

The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organisations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time.

 In existing have some drawbacks:

  1. Identify vacancy manually(register)
  2. Prepare job description and person specification
  3. Advertising the vacancy in news paper
  4. Managing the response
  5. Short-listing candidates have to be paste in Organisation notice board and display in news paper
  6. Arrange interviews: It will take more time and resource and it  will take 1 or 2 days for recruiting and  employee has to work for the recruitment instead of their normal work so waste resource and man power
  7. If the Hr is out of station he/she cannot get the status of their company.
  8. Nowadays the promotion is based on experience instead of performance

Existing Problem

Companies that have managed to survive the recent economic downturn did so by increasing their productivity, especially through process optimization and increased use of information technology. Technical communication, too, has contributed to this. But the potential for increasing efficiency is by no means exhausted. This was revealed by the survey conducted by tekom, the largest so far on the use of special Content Management Systems (CMS) in technical writing. The survey shows that there is great potential in the use of specialized authoring systems, which combine the advantages of organized and systematic working with the possibilities offered by component-based CMS.

It is a well known fact that technical writing departments have to meet with requirements that are growing relentlessly, whether it is the constant increase in the number of products and product versions requiring documentation, or the need for translations into more and more languages, or the necessity of coping with growing pressures of time.  And those heading technical writing departments are forced to deliver all this, in spite of shrinking, combined budgets and recruitment freezes, though they actually need to hire more and better qualified technical writers. To survive all this, they will need a clear, strategic thinking, and a knack for successful process optimization, together with qualified staff and an effective use of technologies. Last but not least, a good dose of self-promotion within the company would be the key to success.  The survey conducted by tekom gives first indicators about the role played by specialized Content Management Systems (CMS) in these efforts. In the first step, the survey questioned our members and other interested persons, regarding the general conditions under which they create TD, the requirements that these had to satisfy, and about the existing system environments, to name a just few aspects covered by the study.

Proposed System

An organization which grows multi-fold but retains its "small company" personal touch. An organization where each individual is empowered, informed and independent and each system and process runs itself. An organization where all employees are in touch, "in-sync", aware of all that is going on in even the remotest corner of the organization and the world. An organization where employee recognize their peers and role-models and drive their culture, all by themselves. An organization where employees and managers have even the most specific facts, reports or information on company happenings always available at their tips, even when they are at home or traveling to any corner of the globe! An organization where all processes (even "salary-slips"!) are "paper-less" and available to the employee, anytime. An organization where people sitting thousands of miles away work together on a project or share ideas in real-time. An organization where changes are deployed in minutes and change management is truly decentralized. An organization where the employees decide and drive their own job path, even across functions! An organization where "help" for any problem is available in minutes, be it work-related, technical, logistical or personal. An organization where not just the employees but the potential hires as well as "alumni" are always in sync with the latest happenings...

In short, a value-based, culturally-strong, empowered organization, where distances are notional and the right time is right now!! This is the story of HSS and HSS' innovative, all-encompassing, strategic deployment of an empowering, enabling, engaging and energizing "e-HR"...

The Context

e-mpowering the employees by providing them maximum access to key information, interfaces and resources, an ability to share their views and impact their own as well as the organization's future.

e-nabling people to manage their jobs and personal transactions smoothly, speedily, efficiently and independently.

e-nergizing the organization's internal environment with a positive energy in a way that makes each and every employee feel energized and charged up about life too!

e-ngaging employees so that they develop a sense of bonding with the company, its values and ethos as well as its constituents.

The 4"e"s undoubtedly have close-linkages as well as overlaps. Therefore, these needed to be driven "seamlessly" through an engine that can reach each and every employee, is flexible enough to drive each of these initiatives differently, is sophisticated enough to present these to employees in a compelling way, is reliable enough to be efficient and is scalable for future growth. And of course, still simple enough to become successful.

The "core" or the engine that HSS chose to drive these 4 "e"s was, in fact, the 5th "e", that is, "e-HR".


Database    :           MySQL 5.0,

Server        :           Apache Tomcat 4.1

Front end   :          JSP / Servlets, J2SDK 1.4, HTML, , Java Script


Pentium IV processes architecture

1. 256 MB RAM.

2. 40 GB Hard Disk Space.


Description about Modules

  • Applicant
  • HR
  • User Login
  • Employee login


Applicants, who apply online they have to give personal details, PG details, UG details, technical details and Login details.

Note: If the percentage less than 75 both UG and  PG   candidate  not eligible .

After successful registration please Note down your username, password and id for further use.


  • view all candidates application
  • view candidate profile using their ID
  • To view the candidate request
  • To response the candidate request
  • Skillset
  • Java: To view the candidate those who apply for java
  • DOTNET: To view the candidate those who apply for java
  • C++: To view the candidate those who apply for C++
  • Oracle : To view the candidate those who apply for Oracle

Note: Candidate can apply more than one skill and it will be also updated

Example: Candidate applied both java and DOTNET and his/her data will be updated     both in java and DOTNET but appointment can do only anyone of the two.

Pending : HR can easily view the pending details of candidates

Appointment: : HR can easily view the appointment details of the candidates.

Project Create New project:

Hr can assigns the project name and allocate the team leaders and      


Existing Projects:

Hr can view the current project details.


Hr can view the Employee performance and easily take decision.


Inbox     Applicants can receive the message from HR.

Outbox   Applicants can send the message to HR about their job.

Appointment details   Applicant can view the details of his/her Application status whether he/she appointed or pending.

Employee login

Inbox                       Employee can receive the message from HR.

Outbox                    Employee can send the message to HR.

Project                     He/She can view the current project details.

Tutorial                    He/She can view the tutorials.

If the Designation of Employee is Team Leader he/she having only performance others(team members) not.

Team leader can set the performance details of Team Members.

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