University Admission & Maintenance System

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University wants to computerize its admission process for higher education courses. 

Basic objectives are to extend their reach to geographically scattered students, reducing time in activities, centralized data handling and paperless admission with reduced manpower. Cost cutting, operational efficiency, consist view of data and integration with other institutions are other factors. Main challenges are effectively sync internal and external operations in such a manner that job can be finished within time limit and integration with different agencies on an agreed upon common data format.

Existing System

The Current System is a browser which is not totally computerized especially for university admission process. The system takes lots of time in performing different activities, and there is no centralized data handling. There is no integration in the current system upon common data format.

Proposed System

The Proposed system is a browser which is completely related to internet browsing. The web enabled information management system designed to automate the entire operations of a modern. This system allows multi-divisional, multi-department system handling that includes various activities.


ü  Administrator

ü  Student User

ü  User Interface      

ü  Reports       

Admin users - Has full access to all the modules of this system. Responsible for the accounts of all students, colleges and remittances. Prepares and submits also Daily Reports, student reports, colleges reports, etc,.


All frequently used reports at the click of a button

All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc., or can be export to PDF, XML, etc.

Students – Has restricted access. i.e., students have access to some of the modules only i.e. user can see the college list and seats list of all products and can take hall ticket through online.

User Interface:

Soothing Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help

Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms

All reports for specified period selected using calendar

Software Requirements

Operating System                     :                  Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris

User Interface                          :                  HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting                 :                  JavaScript

Programming Language            :                  Java

Web Applications                      :                  JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                        :                  Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in

Database                                  :                  Access

Server Deployment                             :                  RetHat JBoss AS

Hardware Requirements

Processor                                  :                  Pentium IV

Hard Disk                                 :                  40GB

RAM                                         :                  256MB

Click here to download University Admission & Maintenance System source code