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The main idea to develop Teleserve is to take care of customer concerns such as providing applications for connection, enquiries , bill entries and complaints. Teleserve. Provides its customers a qualitative and reliable telecom services The current manual system is slow, laborious and error prone so there is need to computerize the same for quicker, efficient results and customer satisfaction.

Existing System:

In the Existing System customers want new telephone connection they must go to particuler telephone office and communicate with the telephone officers. After communicate customers get the new telephone connction.

After get the new connection there is any changes in the connection they again go to the telephone office and give the complaint on the particuler problem. 

·         Telephone officers maintain the manual Records for new telephone connection, modify connection, bill forms, change telephone number etc…..

·         If manual record is lost we can not get the details of customers and their bill details etc….

·         There is no online  payment system.

·         Its very time taken process.

Proposed System:

The main intention of introducing this service is to serve the customers of service provider in a better way. The following are the tasks performed by the system:

  • Receiving and Processing of new Telephone Connection requests.
  • Online Billing.
  • Online Payment Features.
  • Receiving, Processing and routing complaints to different areas / exchanges.
  • Updating the status of the Telephone Connections.
  • Provides information about the services available.

The system also facilitates the customer to enquire about their application complaint status.


The Teleserve customer services project has been divided into four modules.

The project is divided into four modules.

1)  Applications:

  • Application for New Phone Connection.
  • Application for Phone Transfer.
  • Application for Temporary Phone Connection.
  • Application for Cancellation.

2)  Entries:

  • Bill Entry
  • Paid Bill Entry.
  • Payment Bill Entry.
  • Changed Number Entry.

3)  Enquiry:

  • Bill Enquiry.
  • Paid Bill Enquiry.
  • Changed Number Enquiry.
  • Enquiry By Telephone Number.
  • Application Enquiry

4)  Complaints:

  • Line Disturbance.
  • Dead Phone.
  • In Correct Billing.



This module has been divided into five sub modules. They are

o   Application for new connection/temporary connection

o   Application for phone transfer

o   Application for modification

o   Application for cancellation

Application for new connection:

If customer would like to take new telephone connection, he or she has to fill in an application form called “APPLICATION FOR NEW PHONE CONNECTION”  which includes name, address, purpose(residence/business/office), facility(local/std/isd), email_id.

Application for phone transfer:

For situations like if a customer shifts his residence from one place to another place they should inform to official concerned, so that further communication will be easy otherwise the phone connection will be disconnected.

Application for temporary connection:

Some customers may be interested to use phone as a temporary connection. For these kinds of people we can provide service by charging some amount.

Application for modifications:

If a customer wants any modifications except phone no, reference number and address, he can get changed details for example purpose of phone from residence to business or facility from local to std etc.

Application for cancellation:

If a customer wants to cancel his telephone connection, he has to fill in an application form by specifying all details. Operator should check whether all dues are paid or not otherwise the phone connection will not be canceled. If all dues are clear, the phone connection cancelled. For future purpose we are storing this customer record into a history file. It contains the list of all cancelled connections.


This module is divided into three modules. They are:

- Bill Entry

- Paid Bill Entry

- Payment Bill Entry

- Changed Number Entry

Bill Entry:

This is an entry done by entry operator after tapping phone calls from a device. He has to enter how many phone calls customer makes and what is the amount.

Paid Bill Entry:

This is an entry done by some entry operator after the bill is paid by the customer to know whether the customer has paid bill or not.

Payment Bill Entry:

This is an entry done by entry operator when a customer pays a Bill. After paying this bill the status of the bill should be PAID otherwise that should be UNPAID.

Changed Number Entry:

Some situation may occur like all phone numbers may change because of some problems. At that time new telephone number will be allocated for corresponding old phone number. An operator has to enter these details and they will get effected some days onwards.


This module has been divided into five sub modules. They are

  • Bill enquiry
  • Paid bill enquiry
  • Change number enquiry
  • Enquiry by telephone number
  • Application enquiry

Bill enquiry:

This is an enquiry made by a customer to know what is the amount of his bill by showing his bill id or phone number.

Paid enquiry:

This is an enquiry made by a customer to know whether the bill is paid or not.

Changed number enquiry:

This is an enquiry made by a customer to know new phone number by entering old phone number.

Enquiry by telephone number:

This is an enquiry made by any customer to know the

details by giving his phone number.

Application enquiry:

It consists of five application enquiries. They are

  • Application enquiry for new connection
  • Application enquiry for phone transfer
  • Application enquiry for temporary connection
  • Application enquiry for modification
  • Application enquiry for cancellation


If customer has any complaints, he can visit teleserve and register the compliant by specifying his phone number and name. According to complaints, those will be responded immediately.

  • Line disturbance
  • Phone dead
  • Incorrect billing

Software Requirements:

Language                        :  C#.NET

Technologies                   :  Microsoft.NET Technologies with ASP.NET

Database                         :  Microsoft SQL server 2005

IDE                                  :  Visual Studio 2008

Operating System           :  Microsoft Windows XP or Later Version

Hardware Requirements:


Processor                        : Intel Pentium or more

RAM                               : 512 MB (Minimum)

Hard Disk                      : 80 GB

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