Taste buds

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The main objective of this project is to develop a system for a Five Star Hotel in which its customers can order online for recipes from anywhere. The system will help the users in displaying the list of recipes items available in that restaurant along with the offers available for those recipes items. The system will also display the images of the recipes items along with the list of items. The accessibility to the system in the restaurant will be given to the Administrator with the user name and password.

Features of the project:

  • Provides option to the customers to order food online via internet
  • Users can select items from a wide range of menu
  • Items will be added to the cart, which can be reviewed and finalized at the time of submitting order
  • Ordered items can also be deleted
  • Option given to customer to pay the bill separately for the items which he/she orders, with this option this application can be easily integrated with any existing hotel administration software.

Existing System

  • For ordering food, either user has to go to the restaurant manually or by making a telephone call
  • Hence the existing process is a time consuming process.
  • In case if additional ordering has to be done, it’s an additional overhead again.

Proposed System

  • In order to issues in existing system, the current application is being developed, which will enhance the activities and performances of the hotel food ordering thus reduces the time taken to order the food.
  • Besides that, information can be store and retrieve easily from computer database if everything is computerizing by this proposed system.

Software/ Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements:




20 GB Min

40 GB Recommended


1 GB Min

2 GB Recommended

Software requirements:




Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista


MS-SQL server 2005




Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008



Modules and its Description

It Consists of 4 Modules

•           Customers

•           Recipes

•           Order

•           Shopping Cart


•         This module performs registration and maintenance of customer information.

•         This information can be very much useful for delivering the ordered ones avoiding any confusion related to delivery address


•         It contains

•         Recipes

•         Details about  all recipes which are existing in the Taste-Buds

•         Adding the new recipes and deleting the Recipes.


•         It contains

•         Orders List

•         Payments information

•         Paying type

  •  Card
  •  Cash

•         Using this,  adding  new order and deleting a order

Shopping Cart:

•         It contains

•         Recipes types

•         list of items and cost

•         Adding new items under recipes

Click here to download Taste buds source code