Smart Knowledge Provider

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Smart knowledge provider is an on-line web application project, with user friendly environment, to provide technical knowledge transfer between various sections at technological experts across the globe with the motive of service.

The project is developed as a web portal with ASP as server side script tool and HTML and VBScript as client side script with i.e./Netscape and web browser. The portal is installed and configures in Internet Information Server.


The Business Consumer category has expanded greatly with the advent of the World Wide Web. There are now various ecommerce business application running all over the Internet offering various service like training, knowledge transfer ,  selling of consumer goods, and online banking operaion etc.  When we think of ecommerce, all the cases that immediately pop up are ones like or This can be termed as instan ces of the Business to Consumer ecommerce category. 

E-commerce provides every customer an opportunity to search for the desired products or services, have a glance at what each supplier has to offer anywhere in the world. Besides the unprecedented choice available to a customer, he can avail of all this without leaving his home Or office at any  time.


The on line Smart Knowledge Provider site is developed in the platform of recently getting more popular Microsoft .Net environment.  The database of the system is developed with Oracle 8.0 and the server side scripting is done with Microsoft  .ASP package. The presentation Layer is done using HTML and its forms. The client data validation is carried out with VB Script. The objective of the Project is to provide the professionals, Students, working executives and every one who is much interested to acquire knowledge and training in specific field as on there where ever they are through internet.  This would allow every one to spare their own convenience and share of knowledge with large group of  experts and professionals as well as with the young enthusiastic technical writers


·      Form registration

·      User details

·      Group details

·      New Bulletin

·      Query Transaction

·      Daily News Maintenance

·      Security Auhtentication

Module explanation :

Form registration

Events user can become a member of the portal by mean of registry themselves into one or more groups provide with the portal. The form registration helps to maintain the authentication of each and every user groups as well as the user.

User Details

This part of module maintains the user details , with reject OT their groups environment , their technical expertise , qualification , designation , if at all company working etc.,

Group Details

This part of module maintains the  c , vb , oracle software  informations  , functions , operations , etc. user can register their name  may in  c or vb or oracle or both . user can clear thir debuts in any groups.

New Bulletin

This is the module which works as central part of the project . it contains daily news ( both technical  & general ) , query  part which sent by user’s of the group , solved quries with anserss , unsolved quries part , etc,.

Query Transaction

Transaction of query bvetween user and bulletin , and response back to the user are carried by the module the transaction is carried out online to the administrator where by the technical is checked and correct response would sent back to the respective user as well as to the new bulletin.

Daily News Maintenance

News are online in nature which periodically changes and even the trustworthiness is  the tested . therefore the news  displayed in the bulletin was perviously confirmed about is truthness involved . dynamic changes are also reflected by means of updating the server user periodically.

Security Auhtentication

Validity of the user is maintenance means of user id and password , other validation like group reference, inter group transfers are done by means admite provide to the portal.



Operating System Server: Windows XP or later

Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005

Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008

Code Behind: Vb#.Net

Hardware Specification:

Processor: Intel Pentium or More


Hard Disk: PC with 20GB

Click here to download Smart Knowledge Provider source code