Shopping - Mall

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Shopping Mall Management was approached by a Very big Shop to develop a web based application to be accessed by the users over the web. The central concept of the application is to allow the customers to shop virtually using the internet and allow customers to buy the items and and articles of their desire from the store. The information pertaining to the products are stored on an RDBMS at the server side (store).The server processes the customers requests and the items are shipped to the address submitted by them.

Existing System

In existing system everything is manual like customer will go to shop manually and he/she selects items which are available in shop and the marchant will calculate the bill for products selected by the customer and then shipping process will take place.

Existing System is manual, everything we have to do manually i.e.     

1. Displaying items

2. Selecting items

3. Billing process

4. Shipping

Proposed System:

The proposed system should be in the way, the customer need not to enter into the shop to purchase items. He can purchase the items through the internet. The items should be shifted to the customer address specified when he register his details at the sight.

The end user of this product is a departmental store where the application is hosted on the web and administrator maintains database. This application which is deployed at the departmental store will automate the following process.

1.     The customer details are appended to the customer database.

2.     The details of the items are brought forward from the database for customer’s view based on the selection through the menu.

3.     Database of all the products are products are updated at the end of the each transaction.

Module Description:


Merchant will enter into the next form by entering username, password in this login page, after entering into next page marchant will add new products, different items what are all the items available in that store, and if he wants he will modify the things, he will delete things and maintains everything by date wise. (i.e)

1.Enhancing stores

2. Update stores

3. Delete from stores


Customer (client) first login into valid username and password. If customer is not registered, then customer first registers his details. After login the customer searches require goods, after words he selects goods.

Invoice Module:

After the selecting the goods, customer must enter his credit card number. In this module, checking the credit card no it is valid or not and also maintains   the Collection of the payments by the customers.


·        Session management

·        Connection pooling

·        Normalized database

·        Prevention of duplication login

·        Design patterns

·        Three-tier architecture

·        Maintainability

·        Easy deployment with Ant script

·        Exception handling

·        Client-side validations

·        Client-side validations


·        Web Presentation: HTML, CSS

·        Client – side Scripting: JavaScript

·        Programming Language: Java

·        Web based Technologies: JNDI, JSP

·        Database Connectivity API: JDBC

·        Build Tool: ANT

·        Debug Tool: Log 4J

·        Backend Database: Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

·        Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX, Solaris

·        J2EE Web/Application Server: Tomcat/Weblogic/Websphere/JBoss/Glash Fish

·        IDEs: Eclipse with My Eclipse plugins/Net Beans/RAD

·        Browser: IE/Mozilla


Processor                             :         Intel P-III based system

Processor Speed                  :         250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM                          :         512 MB

Hard Disk                            :         2GB to 30GB

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