Ship Management System

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The main goal of  “Ship Management System” is maintaining the ship details, Employee details, different equipment details which are related to the ships. Maintaining the item stock details, Employee work order details, item Purchase order details, list of all Employees work order details and generates the summary report of pay bill for each Employee.


This project is associated to maintain Ship details, Shipment details, Stock details and work order details these details are going to be maintained in manual process to do All these tasks it will take lot of time. Thus the existing system not supporting multi-user support.

Drawbacks of the system:

Ø The present system is an undeveloped form and the manual process of the overall system is too clumsy and complicated.

Ø The Customers facing lot of problems to know their cargo schedule details.

Ø It is very difficult to know Employee work order details.

Ø It is very difficult to know the stock details and available status immediately.


This product interacts with mainly three entities i.e. Customer, Employee and Stores Department.

The automated system with distributed architecture can support issues like

Ø The system maintains the details of all types of ship details.

Ø  The system intemperate consistently all projects and sub contacts into one canted storage with proper association.

Ø  The details about the shipment to Customer maintained very fast in a short period of time.

Ø  All the Ship details, work order details, Customer details are segregated and stored consistently with unique Ids.


Ø The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible.

Ø The schedule of the presently working Employee on various ships with the details of their status is maintained.

Ø There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process. 



This Administrator will maintain all the master information like Ships details, Employee Information, Employee work assignment details, Customer ship reservation details, Shipment details and Customer ship order details.


Login process and he can check his work order schedule details and pay bill details.

Stores Department:

In this module the Store Department will maintain the ship equipment details, item details and purchase order details for item stock.


In this module Customer can register in the application. He can book the cargo details, he can reserve the ship for traveling, he can see all the shipment details and sending the request for new ship designing.                              

Software Environment

Operating System                   - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

Front End Tool                       - Servlets and Java Server Pages

Scripting language                  - HTML, JavaScript

RDBMS                                  - Oracle 8i           

Application Server                 - Apache Tomcat Web Server

Hardware Environment

RAM                                     - 64 MB

Hard Disk                              - 20 GB

Processor                               - Intel Pentium 500MHz

Floppy Disk                           - 1.44 MB

Monitor                                  - Color Monitor (256 colors)

Mouse                                             -3 button scroll mouse

Keyboard                                    -Multimedia Keyboard

Click here to download Ship Management System source code