Supply Chain Management System

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The project titled “Secured Online Reservation Systems” is a web portal developed for a middleware company, who maintains have different transport facilities like Road, Train, and Airways. The objective of the system is to provide reservation and cancellation for every customer from any point to any point in any transport (Road, Rail, and Air).

To have the information of different services available in different timings and to have the reservation we need to go for the specified transport provider.  For example if we need to travel from Mumbai to Chennai through train so to check the availability or to make the reservation of particular train on particular date we need to go for the Railway Reservation Centre or a particular organization which provides the railway reservation.  But we have travel agencies which provides complete information of all the three, the problem what is there is they have different application for each and every mode of transport.  But this proposed Secured Reservation System is going to provide all the services of three different transport modes (Road, Rail, and Air) under one single application with maximum security provision for whom, who takes the reservation.

The customer can reserve the ticket from his home PC or personally. The payment can be done either through credit card or through cash. The main aim of this project is to provide user-friendly services accurately and quickly.


The Objective of this system is to illustrate the use of different Transport Reservations online. Secured Reservation System will provide the facility of reserving the tickets for Roadways, Railways and Airways within the Single Application.

Generally any one can travel from one place to another through the different kinds of transport facilities. The one who wants to travel, he will book the tickets through online reservation. First of all they need to check the information about the details of the particular services i.e. whether they are available are not. Main purpose of this system is the Photo identification.


  • Fully compatible with Online Booking.
  • User can visit the proposed system and can have the complete information of different Transport modes.
  • User can make the Reservation of any type of Transportation in a Single Application.
  • We can provide the Security by maintaining the Photo Identification.

Existing System

Now days there are many services to travel from one place to another which are providing the Transportation to the users.  By using these servers we can reserve the tickets and view the details of those services.  But the problem with that is we can’t view the information of the all the Transport Services like Roadways, Railways and Airways in a Single Application and we are unable to provide the security.

Proposed System

As the Secured Reservation System project is developed using java, SQL Server, it provides a user friendly graphical user interface which navigates user through out the program by providing various task related to Transport Services

This gives the information about all Transport Service providers. This application provides us the complete information in the Transport service provider wise.  

Suppose, any person wants to travel from one place to another, traveler can have the information of all the Transport modes i.e. what kind of Transport facility is available whether by Road / Train / Air, availability of the tickets, cost of traveling and every corner information will be provided.

The person who wants to travel has to login and can have the information and then he can get the reservation.

How the security is implemented in this application is at the time of reservation the proposed application takes the scanned copy of photo id and that image that will be included on the ticket. If the reservation is done by the group of people the person who took the reservation should be present in the group.

Introduction to Modules

  • Admin

    • Home

  • User

  • Home

  • Roadways.

    • Reservation

    • View Bus Details

  • Railways

  •  Reservation

  • View Train Details

  • Airways.

  • Home

  • §  Reservation

  • §  View Airbus Details


Admin is the one who is going to monitor all the information about the Reservation and details of the Transportation.  This module contains all the details of the user like when it was created and what all the transactions done by the user, detailed information of the user can be accessed or can be manipulated by the administrator.  Admin can manipulate the details of the Transactions; Admin can enter with Unique Login and Password.


User can access all the information about the details of the particular Transportation. He can enter into the home page and view the details and as well as make the reservation with photo identification. Any time he can have the complete information.


In this module user can get the details of different transport modes:


User can go to “View bus details” sub module and get all the information about the timings and departure date of the particular bus. If he wants to make the reservation he can enter into Reservation sub module.


User can go to “View Train details” sub module and get all the information about the timings and departure date of the particular Train If he wants to make the reservation he can enter into Reservation sub module.


User can go to “View Airbus details” sub module and get all the information about the timings and departure date of the particular Airbus. If he wants to make the reservation he can enter into Reservation sub module.

Hardware Requirements

Processor                 :            Intel Pentium III or more

Ram                            :            256 MB or more

Cache                         :           512 KB

Hard disk                   :           16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partition

Software Requirements

Opera ting system               :     Windows 2000 /XP or later

Front End Software :       ASP.NET & C#

Back End Software             :      SQL - SERVER

Servers                           :       IIS Server

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