Secured Mail System

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The main objective of this system is to keep the organizational data secure and confidential so that the organizational information . using normal mailing system ifthe exchange the  data the data resides at the third party server .

The Intranet Mailing System is applicable within an organization only. In this fast growing world where every qualified person is in urgent need of a job, they join places, working at odd times. The organization have shift times and it becomes difficult for an employee of the shift to communicate with another employee of a different shift.

The organizational mailing system can implement to organization such that the database resides with the organization head where as normal mailing system database  resides at the third party side, where there is a chance for the third party to view the data. In this mailing system the database resides at the organization head .so that the data is secured

For providing security to the data while traveling through the network RSA algorithm is implemented, which is a very secure algorithm  as it implements factorization method. In this mailing system every employee has hi own user id and password  through which he can login and communicate with other employees as well as with the admin also.

This system is aimed to give a better outlook to the user interfaces and to This application consists following modules:

1.     user registration

2.     compose mail

3.     check mail

4.     security to the data

user registration:-

 In this module a  employee belonging to that  organization can be registered and  a userid and password are provided to him, using this userid and password he can login and access his accout

compose mail:-

In this module a employee can compose mail and send it to the particular valid user in this he can attach the documents also.

check mail :-

In this module user can check his inbox ,sent mails ,dragfts and contacts

security to the data :- 

In this module we can provide security to the data while traveling through the network by implementing RSA algorithm


In existing system the communication between the employees of a particular organization is done through some external mail system as, the database resides at the another person such that such that there is a chance for the external database server vendor to view the information. If the organizational activities is done through the external mailing system like gmail or yahoomail , the organizational head did not have any idea  about the data, the employee is sending. So that there is a chance that any employee can send the organizational matters to the outside the organization.   


To provide security to the organizational data, the organization itself developing its own mailing system and the entire database resides at the organization head.  The employees of that particular organization must communicate with each other and with the admin through this mailing system only. As the database resides at the organizational head , he/she can check the database and the activities performed by the employees and when ever an employee leaves the organization, the organization admin can know the information and the transactions done by him. In this mailing system we are using the encryption algorithm to provide authentication as well as the confidentiality to the data while transferring the data through the network.   


Software Requirements:

1      Front End                          : HTML, DHTML, XML

2      Back End                           : Oracle 10g

3     Operating System            : Windows XP

4     Languages              : JDBC, JSP

Hardware Requirements:

1     Processor                           : Intel Pentium-IV and above

2     Hard disk                           : 40GB Min.

3      RAM                        : 512 MB Min. & Above

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