Reality Shows

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The objective of reality shows project is to provide an efficient and user interface to the channel employees to conduct TV shows in an easy manner.



T.V. Shows


Purpose of the system

Ø  Save the time

Ø  Avoid the cost

Existing system  

The biggest hits of this year are the reality shows in every television channel. They overshadowed the soaps which appeared impossible until last year. it is quite interesting how the backend procedure goes on, how the talented participants are found .the general procedure is to adventure it in the channels or newspaper and call all the participants and test their skills personally. Conducting sessions in different places takes a lot of time and also wastage of cost.

Proposed system  

The proposed system gives the best alternatives as it is very cheap and approachable by all. Participants can send their songs or videos online and evaluation can be done online itself. We get more options like rating by the public and view it for entertainment. Even discussions and suggestions to the participants can be done.

Purpose of the system:

Ø  Save the time

Ø  Avoid the cost


Module1                         :         Admin

Module 2                        :         Audio/Video manipulation

Module 3                        :         TV Guide

Module 4                        :         User

Modules Explanation:


Admin is the owner of the site, admin manages all the users in the site and he can delete the post which is posted in the site. Admin maintain all the details of TV Guide. It maintains 3 applications.

There are,

Ø  Manage Users

Ø  TV Guide

Ø  Upload video/Audio files                            

Audio/Video Manipulation:

In this module all the insert and delete of video/audios are done. It maintains 2 applications.

 There are,

Ø  Insert the video/audio files

Ø  Delete the video/audio files

TV Guide:

It can view all the posts and give reply to all the queries given by the users. The users can know by observing it when an event is going to handle, what are the dates for uploading the videos and audio files. It maintains 2 applications.

There are,

Ø  Upload guide

Ø  Update guide


First the user has to register with our site in order to apply for any event posted in our websites. The user can also view the TV guide provided by admin. He also post his queries posted by the users and he can answer them. . It maintains 5 applications.

There are,

Ø  Register  with us

Ø  View queries/post queries

Ø  View TV guide

Ø  View videos/audios

Ø  Apply for shows


Software Requirements:

Language                        :  C#.NET

Technologies                   :  Microsoft.NET Technologies with ASP.NET

Database                         :  Microsoft SQL server 2005

IDE                                  :  Visual Studio 2008

Operating System           :  Microsoft Windows XP or Later Version

Hardware Requirements:

Processor                        : Intel Pentium or more

RAM                               : 512 MB (Minimum)

Hard Disk                      : 80 GB

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