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A group of hardware vendors (from Bangalore) turned into a Syndicate to compete with the currently prevailing fierce competition.  These Syndicate members are spread across the city to provide better accessibility and service to their customers. By becoming a Syndicate, they can pool all the orders from customers of different locations in the city, and make a bulk purchase to gain more voluminous margins / discounts from the main distributors. In turn, these profits can be shared with customers by providing more competitive prices, and better service.

They are looking for better media to provide, what these syndicate members have in their mind, to the prospective buyers. Though their present locations and areas of business is a great advantage for their operations, at the same time these became hurdles to provide unified offers and services to the target customers. The communication between the syndicate members is also another problem and is time consuming.

Internet is the best media for all what they want to provide to their customers. Internet can be used to optimal benefit in this case, with much lesser budget than any other solution. They want their web presence more interactive and informatory yet simple and easy to navigate.

The features and the facilities they are looking in their web site are…

  • Different logins for casual visitors and registered customers
  • Visitors, prospective buyers and as well as existing customers can choose to get more information from the variety of the products displayed either on screen or through mail
  • Visitors can virtually build their computer system using online visual guide
  • Different combinations and configurations should be displayed along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The selected product or system’s pricing details should be visible upon selection, and it will be immediately get changed when they select different configuration
  • The system should generate an electronic estimate or quote to the customer – on screen, and the same should be sent to the visitor’s email
  • A copy of each electronic quotation / estimation will be stored in central database for further reference and the same has to be mailed to the concerned syndicate member for further persuasion
  • The said central database should maintain all the information about the Visitors, customers, syndicate members, distributors, vendors, products, and their pricings, etc.,
  • The intelligent option here is to provide the pricing structure to the visitor will be automatic, i.e. the pricing are competitive and up to date, without manually updating.
  • There should be option to manual override to change the product prices and the margin levels by the administrator.
  • The proposed system will facilitate the communication between the syndicate members very easily.
  • In addition to the quotation building, the system also tracks the status of the ordered product and furnishes the invoice when the order is executed.
  • The logged in visitor, who ordered for a product or service, can also track the status of his order or enquiry online.
  • They have also intentions to provide online service help to the existing customers


This Application can be mainly divided into six Modules: -


2.Build Computer

3.Administration Tasks

4.Generate Quotation

5.Warranty and Replacement



In this module we try to authenticate all the users / administrators entering the site.  This module is placed in the Home page of the site which is the first page for those who entering the site.  Here in this module for Users and Administrators we ask for Use rid and password and check them with the database.  If they both match then they are allowed to browse the site otherwise entry is denied for them.  If anybody forgets the password he is given help by reminding of his password after verifying his details.  For customers we give the user level as ‘C’ which means they cannot access the database and other administrative tasks.  For administrators the level is ‘A’.  These are given the full power to access the site.  For visitors who are entering for the first time are asked to give their details before moving further for future reference.


This is the module in which a user builds a computer for him virtually with the help provided if necessary.  The specification of the system depends on the user and his budget.  He will be given different types of choices for each component that is needed to build a personal computer and he has to choose the one that best suits for his purpose and which is under his budgetary control. 

He is provided with the help like what components are necessary to build a system, what are their uses and properties and what are their prices.  The total price of the system is shown on the screen when each part is selected and the overall price is also shown.  According to this total cost he can change specification of his system.


This is one of the main modules of the project.  In this module we define all the administrative tasks and how they are conducted. There are various types of administrative tasks like

•User administration

•Customer administration

•Products master

•Member administration

•Visitor administration

•Category master

User Administration

User Administration is used to modify or edit or add new user details who are using the site.  In this module all the user’s details are entered into the database.

Customer Administration

In this task the administrator has to add a new customer, edit a customer or delete a customer. The administrator is responsible for providing the customerid to the customer.  All the details of the customer are loaded into database for any further reference. Here in this module the level of the customer is assigned by the administrator as ‘C’ and the level of the administrator as ‘A’.

Area Master

Area master is the task where an administrator is supposed to provide the distance between an area for different syndicate members.  This distance is later used to know the nearest syndicate member for a customer.

Product Master

This is the task where an administrator needs to enter the details of the products according to the category wise into the database.  Here he has to update the details of the products whenever they are changed.

Member Administration

In these tasks the administrator has to maintain the details of the syndicate members.  Here he may add a new syndicate member, edit the details of a syndicate member and delete a syndicate member.  All the syndicate member details are stored in different tables in the database.

Visitor Administration

In this task the administrator has to maintain all the details of the visitor in the database. He may need to edit or delete the details of the visitors.

Category master

This is the task in which an administrator adds edits or deletes the details of categories.  All the products are divided into categories depending on their type.

Accessories Master

This module is used to inform the customers and visitors about the various accessories available.  Here all the details of the accessories are entered into the database and updated or deleted or edited whenever necessary.

Generate Quotation

In this module a Quotation is generated based on the system specification selected by the customer in the build computer module.  This quotation is later mailed to the concerned syndicate member and the visitor/ customer.

Warranty and Replacement

Warranty check is done when a customer approaches for a replacement.  If the product warranty has not expired then the necessary replacement action is performed otherwise if the warranty period has been expired there will be no replacement and for further details he is asked to contact the concerned Syndicate member.


Help is the module in which an e-mail application is created.  If any customer/visitor needed some details and has any doubts he may search through the FAQ provided.  If still he is not satisfied he may contact the administrator by sending a mail with question and receive immediate response.

Software Requirements:

IIS 5.0

VB Script

Java Script



Hardware Requirements:

Any configuration with these minimum requirements…

·         650MHz or higher processing speed

·         Monitor that supports min. of 600 x 800 resolution

·         128 MB SDRAM or higher for faster accessing

·         56KBPS modem or other for a faster net connection

·         About 100 MB free space in hard disc

·         Networking and addition systems for testing

For accessing the developed content

Any system which can support internet connection,

Any standard browser such as Internet explorer 4.01 or higher or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher

Any monitor that supports 600 x 800 resolution

A reasonable internet connection speed

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