Oxy Chat

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Oxy Chat is a LAN based Instant Messaging Application. To communicate with another system in the Local Area Network this project is sufficient and very useful.

Instant messengers have become a popular medium for providing awareness of others and supporting casual interaction. To smoothly move into and out of interaction, it is necessary to afford an awareness of who is around. We have developed a peripheral visualization for an instant messenger designed to utilize people’s natural cognitive abilities.

The main objective of this project is to facilitate communication with another person within the network without using the INTERNET. Users can sign in with their User id and Password. They can chat with their friends, if they are currently online. And also, users can chat with their friend in Telugu. This makes the users feel comfort in chatting with their friends in Telugu.


Oxy Chat is a LAN based instant messaging service. It allows users to chat in Telugu too. Any user can login only at the client system. New user has to register for a user id. Existing users can login using their user id and password protected. Whenever the login is successful, user window appears.

Once he has logon, he has the list of online users. He can chat with them by sending a connect request. If the receiver accepts, then they can chat.

To chat in Telugu, the user has to install Telugu Lipi Editor and Telugu Lipi font.

All the services required by the logon user will be sent to the server for processing, and he gets the response for the requests. The LAN connection provides the communication medium between the client and the server.

All the records regarding the users are stored at the server. The server manages the records of all the users.



The very first step for using this application is to get registered. Any one who wishes to chat has to get a unique id. The user has to click on Get Your Id, and the registration form appears. The registration form contains the fields - username, password, confirm password, first name, last name, designation, city, hint question & hint answer. The fields accept all characters, blank spaces, special characters & numbers.

Now he has to fill all the fields in the registration form. And one restriction in registering is that the field in the registration form can have maximum of 20 characters only.


Once the registration has completed, users can login using their login id and password protected. Users have to enter correct login id and password. The user id is case-insensitive.

User window

When the login is success, user window appears. The user window has the list of all online users. The user can chat with any number of users who are in online. The user has to select the contact and click Connect to send a chat request to that contact. If the contact wishes to signout, he has to click on Signout. Then the user is removed from the online users list.


If the contact at the other side accepts the chat request, then they can chat. Here a new window opens for both the users to chat. In this chat window, there are certain controls like – BOLD, ITALIC, SIZE, 2 text areas, a SEND button to send the chat message and a CLOSE button to stop chatting with that contact. The message to be sent is typed in lower text area field. When the user wishes to send the chat message, he has to click on Send. The messages sent and received will appear in the upper text area.

If the contact wishes to send message in Telugu, he has to open Telugu Lipi Editor and type the message in the editor to get the message in Telugu. The message so obtained in Telugu is to be copied to chat window text area and he can send it. This message appears in exact Telugu to the contact at the other side.

If any of the contact who is chatting to each other wishes to close the chat, then he has to click on Close. Then the chat window closes at both the sides with prior intimation to user at the other side.

Forgot password

Incase the registered users forget their password; they can set a new password using the hint question. All they need to do is to answer the hint question correctly which they have given at the time of registration. If the user answer it correctly, they he will be given a chance to set a new password. Once the password has been successfully changed, the new password will be his password.

Click here to download Oxy Chat source code