Online Shopping Cart

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This project is a virtual shopping mall, which has been  designed keeping the internet as the platform. Online shopping cart is designed to make the customers feel comfortable while shopping. Online shopping cart is here to fulfill the promise to worry free shopping.

Existing  system:

The Existed  system is the manual system. User has to go out and spend his time to buy the products.

Current system:

 The current system, which has been designed keeping the internet as the platform. The customer feel comfort while shopping. It is a user friendly environment.

Merits of the system:

•Fast processing when compared to existing system.

•Easy maintenance

•Administrator can view results in pictorial representation.

•Advantage of convenience, freedom of choice, flexibility and speed are excellent.


The Project contains of two modules


2. Administrator


performs three types of sub modules



3.Bank Transactions

Admin 3 sub modules:


The reports like no. of users registered, shopping details, how many items are there in the shopping cart, amount received, bank details etc.

Updates :

The items in the shopping cart and the cost of the items any discounts will be updated.

Bank transactions:

In this module the transactions of bank, credit card details will be done.

User Module: User contains three sub modules

•Window shopping

•Register– shopping


The registered person can buy his items but non-registered person cannot buy the products. He just view the products. The user has to give his own suggestions.                                                                                                                                               

Software requirements:

•      Operating System  : Windows 2000 & XP

•  Language  : C#

•  Back-end  : SQL  Server

•  Web Technologies   : .NET(ASP.NET)

• Document Tool  : Ms-Word XP


•Processor  :Pentium-IV processor                                                                    

•  Hard-Disk : 40GB

•  RAM          : 512MB

Click here to download Online Shopping Cart source code