Online Resume Mart

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The objective of the project is to design and develop Resume Mart which is a place for Job Seekers and Job Providers to meet. The Data base should collect also the minute details about the Job Seeker and Provider.

Resume Mart is designed to collect multiple resumes from the Job Seeker. Resume Mart aim is to provide Job Provider with enormous amount of data.


 Designing and Implementing Job Seekers & Job Providers:

The aim of this module is to collect data from the user; he may a job seeker or a job provider. Both of them are potential clients to our Resume Art. A user should be registered regardless of whether he is a job seeker or a provider. In this module we register the user and grab as many details as possible about the user.

Designing and implementing Resume Database, job database

The aim of the module is to create a resume for all his job seekers asking the details about the experience, education, skills, affiliations and references for the project.

designing a resume search engine

The aim of the module is to design a dynamic search engine for the Resume art data base which can provide data for the job seekers and job providers.

Definition and reason for Condition Analysis

System analysis will be performed to determine if it is feasible to design an information based on policies and plans of the organization and on user requirements and to eliminate the weaknesses of the present system.

General requirements are: -

1.    The new system should be cost effective.

2.    To augment management, improve productivity and services.

3.    To enhance User/System interface.

4.    To improve information qualify and usability.

5.    To upgrade system’s reliability, availability, flexibility and growth potential.


Purpose: The main purpose for preparing this document is to give a general insight into the analysis and requirements of the existing system or situation and for determining the operating characteristics of the system.

Scope: This Document plays a vital role in the development life cycle (SDLC)

As it describes the complete requirement of the system. It is meant for use by the developers and will be the basic during testing phase. Any changes made to the requirements in the future will have to go through formal change approval process.


Online Resume Mart maintains information about the different job providers as well as the job seekers. It notifies every job seeker with the availability of the job as per the category in which the job seeker has registered user’s resume.  The system also notifies the job  provider with the information about the persons registered under the category required by the job provider.  It also maintains a specialized search engine which provides instant availability of the jobs as the user’s category.  The system maintains information of the users who have registered with the site and every user can post multiple resumes in every category.  The system helps the user in formulating the resume in proper manner. 

After searching the required job on the site the seekers can directly forward their resume to the corresponding email address listed in the search.  This kind of functionality is again provided to the job provider who can instantly mail the candidates if one falls under their category.


Processor        :            Intel Pentium or more

Ram                :            256 MB or more

Cache              :           512 KB

Hard disk        :           16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partion.                               


Operating system    :     Windows 2000 or later

Front End Software:       ASP.NET 1.0

BackEnd Software   :      Oracle 8i

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