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The Board of  Intermediate conduct a test to the students who are doing their Intermediate(+2). For this they conduct a test.  The test result will be realeased for the correction.

For this the organization maintains data about the results in different streams. Their personal hall ticket numbers, total marks in different streams, all the students who are passed in different districts in different streeams will also be dispalyed according to the user views. It maintains all the details about the students .

The organization does all these manually. It writes down the data about the students, their results in the records. All this is a very tedious job requiring everything to be done manually.

Online results addresses all these by automating many of the tasks of the organization. It relieves the employees by letting them do all the tedious jobs electronically.



The “online results”  project meant for inter board activities to provide environment to deliver results of different streams in the intermediate. This project has to provide such facilities that it has more user interface and make it cover all the requirements of organisation who want to deliver the results of intermediate.                


Each user is having a particular USER ID and it is not similar with any other ID even it his or her is same.

The exam counciler of the Inter Board can access the data of whole organisation. The exam counciler maintains the database consisting of all the results of different streams.The user can insert the information needed by the board for the process.


The student can communicate with the board by the net. This makes the user to search for his result from the net, as well as easy to search for the various results all the organisations or the total result of the board in various streams which are providing the information about the all the students studing in the different organisations.


Online Results Information System  is mainly divided into three modules.

·        Exam Counceller

·        District Co-ordinator

·        Student

Exam counceller:

The exam counceller is the head of the intermediate board, this person is responsible for conducting for the exam in the board for different departments. Now after conducting the exam for different departments. He is responsible for realising the results, and also for recruiting the students for different departments. He can be able to view all the results of the students who have passed in different departments.

District Coordinator:

The district co-ordinator is responsible for different operations regarding his perticular district. This person is responsible for retriving the information of all the students in different departments at a perticular district by selecting the district name along with the department that he wanted to retrive.


The student at the end is the pserson he who is for his own result. The student can enter into the site by selecting the option as student at home page. There after he can view the result of perticular student by giving his hall ticket number as input along with the department he wanted to view.


Processor          :            Pentium

Speed                 :           233 MHz

Monitor             :           Samtron

Hard Disk         :           4.2 MB

RAM                  :          128 MB

Mouse                :           Logitech

Key board          :          TVS


Operating System     :    windows NT

Language                  :    j2sdk 1.4.

Backend                    :    ORACLE

Web Technologies      :   HTML, Java Script, Dhtml

Documentation tool  :    Ms-word 2000

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