Online Recruitment Process

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Online Examination is the project that goes around the details of online recruitment. It is the project that is intended to make the recruitment process fair, faster and reliable. This project has been developed for web application as client/server model. The code easily reflects the intensity of our zeal to make our application stable and user friendly for the user to understand it well.

Since the user is the ultimate person to make maximum application, the interface has been designed with end users viewpoint. It provides easier navigation throughout the application wherever required. The stability is the corner stone of application when the application is active.   

User is not given the provision to lose any application-based resource. All possible exceptions are being caught and proper action is being taken to rectify it. Various inputs are taken with strict type validation. Manual reports also help in viewing the desired information at every nook and corner.

As no man work is perfect in sense, some unknown bugs may remain in my application. I have developed this project with the limited resource and guidance available. I tried my best to solve those and to make the project to simulate with the real world. I have prepared this report with heart, mind and soul and hope it serves well. 

Purpose of  Project

This document contains a description for Online Examination” enhancement. This document will contain the functional requirements of the project and how the developers will enhance the project to achieve all the objectives. The SRS will serve as a guide for the client and the developers. Section 2 is concentrated more on the.

Scope of the project

Online Examination is the project that goes around the details of online recruitment.  It is the project that is intended to make the recruitment process fair, faster and reliable.

The software to be designed deals with online recruitment of employees. Users can register their details and enter the recruitment process. Four tests will be conducted and allotted times varies with the type of test. The users must complete all the tests with in the allotted time. The answers are evaluated automatically and the results are stored in a database, which can be accessed as and when required. Users are short-listed based on their performance in the online tests conducted.

To conduct online recruitment tests for testing the users knowledge. The test has to be timed with a limit on the number of questions for the test, which can be modified only by the administration authority. The questions for the test are automatically selected at random from the database. The questions for the test have to be maintained in a separate table in the database. Modification, deletion and addition of questions will only done by the administration. The administration can add new Test modules if desired. The results have to be computed and stored in a separate table in the database. The time limit will be maintained strictly. The results will be presented as and when required.


The general description gives an "executive overview" and is very client-oriented. It expounds on the functional and data requirements of the application. It also lists the limitations, assumptions and dependencies of the application. Section 3.0, the specific   requirements section, includes   the developers’   technical view   of   the   client's expectation   of   the   application.   It   also   touches   on   the   performance   and   quality requirements of the application and provides a solid definition of the interface

The entire system is divided into 2major modules

1. Admin

2. User

Admin: The administrator can access the database by following the hyperlinks attached. He can generate reports and Test details. and He Matins User registrations and Test details.

User: The user needs to be registered in order to logon to the system and take the test. He can register himself or registered by the Administrator. The user is not permitted to access the system resources.

Existing System

Present system is manual. The Project Metrics has to enter all the details of project, documents, and tasks. It also maintenance the team information and also efforts estimation. For this purpose the organization maintain the size of the document, source code and update the information about team member’s details   manually. Which is much of time consuming process and more importantly it is error prone. Limitations Of the Manual system

  1. It is time consuming
  2. It leads to error prone results
  3. It consumes lot of manpower to better results
  4. It lacks of data security
  5. Retrieval of data takes lot of time
  6. Percentage of accuracy is less
  7. Reports take time to produce

Hence Computerization of the existing system is proposed. The new system completely removes all manual burdens and provide efficient on the entry system.

Proposed system

Objectives Of the Proposed System

  1. To generate the quick reports
  2. To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  3. To provide proper information briefly
  4. To provide data security
  5. To provide huge maintenance of records
  6. Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

After understanding the existing system and understanding the need for developing a new system different people involved in the related activities have been consulted. The data needed for the study has been collected from company records.

The computerization of this system would avoid the wrong interpretation and bad calculation of data .The system help the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The record data is maintained and backed up such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increased.



  • RDBMS                                   :        SQLSERVER 2000
  • SOFTWARE                           :        VS.NET 2003
  • FRONT END TOOL              :        ASP.NET


  • RAM                                :        128MB
  • HARD DISK                   :        MINIMUM 20 GB

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