Online Quiz Game

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This Project is based on the web browser and a game website through mobile device. All pages of the Site/Game should be accessible from the Desktop.

The first part of the project is to develop a website for game. In this part we need every user has to register first then login.

Each user has a session. After login user has to play the game. In the game we have 6 or 7 different type of questions based on politics, sports etc. Each question has limited time if the users do not answer with in the time then the application should proceed to next question. After the end of game user score has to be stored and his position has to be displayed if he is nearer the highest score and user has to logout.

Requirements Collection:

Q: How do I play Mobile online Quiz?

A: To start a game, click on the keyword PLAY and accept the game rules.

To answer a question, click on the letter of your chosen as answer either A, B, C or D and note that, only answers opted in this format will be accepted, you must NOT send the full words of the answer.

Q: How many questions do I have to answer?

A: There are 15 questions, divided into three Stages with each question at different stages will increasing in difficulty.

Q: How many Lifelines do I have and how often can I use them?

A:  There are no lifelines available in this game. The aggregate will be calculated once the player has finished the game either by quitting or by completing the game.

Q: How do I Walk Away from a game?

A: At any point in the game (but before sending your answer), you can choose Walk Away option and leave the game, by clicking on the option WALK or QUIT.

Q: How game score is calculated?

A: In the online mobile Quiz, your game performance will be made up of the total points you scored. Each question answered correctly will earn the points and wrong answer will not carry any points.

Q: How to view the score?

A: To compare your performance against other players, click the keyword SCORE. This will give you your SCORE in the game and even with the highest scores.

Q: How to win the game?

A: Online Mobile Quiz brings you the excitement of the hit TV show to your mobile, with a 15 questions. The challenge is to answer multiple choice questions as fast as you can.

Q: How can I see and compare to the top 10 Highest Scores?

A: The Online Mobile Quiz Top 10 Highest Scores can be found by clicking on the keyword score.

Q: Can I Pause the game?

A: No. You can quit a game by electing to WALK or QUIT

Q: Is there a time limit for the game? What happens if I do not respond to a game message?

A: Yes there is a time limit for the game and will depend upon the level you select.

Q: Where can I find out more information on the game?

A: To receive help at anytime during the game you can directly go for selecting an instruction option.

Q: What are the rules of the game?

A: The rules of the game including Terms and Conditions can be found at the startup.


Mobile phones and palmtop devices such as PDAs (personal digital assistants) could soon become common vehicles for learning amongst the new technology-savvy generation. The use of multimedia messaging and online quizzes on mobile phones as well as educational, location-based games on PDAs as aids to learning, are being piloted through a series of projects with adults and young people.

Game Rules:

  • One has to register to get permissions to play the game. Once registered you can play the game by selecting the level… you actually want to play with
  • Three options are provided like beginner, intermediate and master levels.
  • Once the level of the game is chosen the players can go for selecting the category like politics, sports and current affairs etc…
  • Then you will be presented with 15 questions and four possible answers …Simply one have to choose the correct answer within specified time span…

Ø  Beginner level --- 30 Seconds

Ø  Intermediate Level --- 15 Seconds

Ø  Master Level --- 5 Seconds

Beginner Level: 30 Seconds will be allocated for each question to answer. Each correct answer will be awarded with 100 points and the faster you answer the more points you gain…

< 20 seconds --- 150 points

< 10 seconds --- 200 points

Intermediate Level: 15 Seconds will be allocated for each question to answer. Each correct answer will be awarded with 100 points and the faster you answer the more points you gain…

< 10 seconds --- 150 points

< 5 seconds --- 200 points

Master Level: 5 Seconds will be allocated for each question to answer. Each correct answer will be awarded with 100 points and the faster you answer the more points you gain…

< 3 seconds --- 150 points

< 2 seconds --- 200 points

Once the game is finished the scores will be displayed with all the previous top scores….

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Hard Disk                             :               4G.B

Processor                            :               Pentium Celeron Onwards

RAM                                      :               64MB (96 MB is Suggestible)

Software Requirements

Presentation Layer          :               HTML, JavaScript, XML

Network Layer                  :               TCP/IP

Web Server Layer            :               Tomcat, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, Java Beans

Languages                       :               J2se 1.4

Databases                        :               Oracle8i

Operating Systems          :               Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x


Click here to download Online Quiz Game source code