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           This project aims at creating a Course portal for a campus. This allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or faculty for a course. When a person registers himself as a Faculty, an approval mechanism should be send through an email to the Administrator for approving the person .The approval mechanism for faculty is based on test. The approval mechanism for students is based on criteria and if selected, they can submit their curriculum fees through credit card mechanism.

It has an announcement section which contains the latest announcements, and also a course content section which gives the links for the material available for the course .The administrator will be maintaining some FAQ’s. For faculty members also will be having a seperate link for uploading the course content. There will be a mechanism to create a test for the course specifying the test title and a set of multiple-choice questions and duration of time for the test. This project also contains leave management mechanism using online approval of leave for faculty. 

Due to the implementation for the course portal online, admissions into the selected courses are made with an ease by optimizing the time.

Existing and need for new system:

             In the existing system all the work is done manually where hard copy of student, faculty information is maintained which is tedious process. The existing systems do not offer much convenience because the students from distant places have to attend the classes on the proposed time. Online courses provide a way to take classes to advance career, or just learn about new subjects without commuting to campus on regular basis or spending time away from one’s own family. Online learning offers much more flexibility and convenience because it is primarily asynchronous-anytime, anyplace. In online courses instructors and students communicate via Internet. Through online courses students can develop not only their technical skills but also communication skills. And also they get self-Motivated.

In the proposed system the faculty can apply for the leave online without attending the campus.

Proposed system:

The functions that have to be performed by the proposed system are listed below:

·         The Proposed system must provide user-friendly interface.

·         The system must be able to store entire details of the all the users permanently after their registration process.

·         Care must be taken not to provide the details of the user to other users who are logged in.

·         The system must provide easy navigation through available services.

·         The system should perform all the operations perfectly without any problem.

 The basic functionality to be provided by proposed system is that it should be able to overcome the deficits of the existing system.


The given project is divided into four scenarios or modules where each module is implemented separately.

                Scenario 1: Administrator

                Scenario 2: Student

                Scenario 3: Faculty

                Scenario 4: Discussion Board

Scenario 1:

Name: Administrator

Description: The objective of this module is to maintain all the information related with the online courses. Administrator is the person who adds new courses, approves the faculty by conducting test, gives any announcements to the students and faculty and also approves leave to the faculty. The administrator also views the feedback provided by the students and faculty members. Administrator has own login id and password through which it logs into the administrator home page and carries on different functionalities.

Scenario 2:

Name: Student

Description: Student is the one who selects the course and learns online. At first a person registers himself as a student for a course by filling registration form, In the process of registration he pays the course fee through credit card mechanism. Every student has own login id and password through which the student can login into the student homepage directly. Any student has certain functionalities such as he can view the course material, give feedback about the courses, view the announcements from the administrator. Every student has to undergo tests, which are conducted online. Student interacts with the faculty and clarifies his doubts through participating in discussion boards. All the data related with the student is stored in the database and retrieved accordingly.

Scenario 3:

Name: Faculty

Description: Every course has an appointed instructor for successful completion of the courses selected by the students. First a person registers himself as a faculty; later on test is conducted for registered candidates. If the person qualifies in the test conducted then he is approved as faculty otherwise the person is not allowed to enter the faculty homepage and access the functionalities. Faculty has to perform various functionalities such as preparing course material and sending it to administrator for checking it, preparing exam paper and sending it again for the administrator, solving doubts raised by the student regarding the course, view announcements from the administrator. Faculty also has mechanism to apply for leave online.

Scenario 4:

Name: Discussion Board

Description: Discussion board is the place where the students and the faculty members interact together. Students place a doubt and either faculty or fellow student clarifies the doubts. All the responses related to the doubt are maintained in a block and every time a new response is posted a new thread is added.

Requirement Analysis:

 Platform Specification:

               Operating System: WINDOWS XP

 Hardware Requirement:

                PC with 2GB hard disk.

                512 MB of RAM

 Software Requirement:

                 FRONTEND:  Java, JSP, Servlet

                  WEB TECHNOLOGIES: HTML and JavaScript

                  WEBSERVER: Tomcat 5.5

                  DATABASE: Oracle

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