Online College Administration

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This is a web-based application. In this project we will be maintaining the complete details of the college through online i.e. maintaining the student data, administration data, hostel data and also the generating the reports.

student data like student registration, attendance details, there semester marks details, their library account. Faculty details like saving the profiles of staff editing them and deleting them. Hostel data like hostel registration and fee maintanance. Administration details like course details, library books details. Reports of student registration, fee reports, examination reports, library reports etc.

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Existing System

  • The existing system is a manual one so every work is done by manual.
  • In the manual system there is no security to all information’s
  • Risk of mismanagement of data when the project is under development.
  • In the manual system time can be taken more.
  • Mismatching of data in files.
  • Maintaining all the information’s in records so it is difficult. If they want any record they have to search all the records by manually.

Proposed System

  • In the proposed system we maintain the database by using system
  • more security
  • No mismatching of data.
  • This system provides easy access to the particular information

Software/ Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • System                                    : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
  • Hard disk                                : 40 GB
  • RAM                                       : 512 MB

Software Requirements

  • Operating system                 : Windows XP Professional
  • Technology                          : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008
  • Coding Language               : VB
  • Back End                               : SQL Server 2005

Modules and its Description

There are three modules in this project.They are as follows:

  • Admin module
  • Student module
  • Hostel module
  • Office module
  • Reports

Admin module:

In this module he can maintain the details of students,staff,about library books,laboratory details etc..

Student module:

In this student can get registered to that college, can get the details regarding the fee payments and library accounts etc..

Hostel module :

In this the required student can get register for a room in the college hostel by giving their details. And paying the hostel fee.

Office Module:

In this module the administrative staff will maintain the student fee details and paying salaries to the staff. They will be scheduling the examination report.


This module generates the reports regarding staff like their pay slip details and their personal details. And reports regarding student and hostel registration respectively, and their attendance reports and course report, and fee details of collage and hostel fee. As well as library report and marks report and examination report.  

Click here to download Online College Administration source code