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Online Art Gallery is an online application, which is used to display and sell art works of artist irrespective of their nationality, gender and other narrow consideration, through auction. Artist can register online for being a member in the art gallery and each artist can upload the digital copy of their art work under the respective categories. They can host their art work either for auction or for fixed price. The artist is liable to pay a fraction of the price of each art work to the web site to find the running fund for site. Art lovers have to go to the art exhibition to collect their favorite arts or painting. But now-a-days they are not getting enough time to go to the galleries and collect the arts and paintings.


Existing System:

Customer can also register online and they can browse art works that are arranged in different categories scientifically. Each Customer can create their own gallery to see his favorite art works with out much difficult. And each user has the right to purchase an art work using the integrated payment gateway and participate in auction by submitting their bids. Qualified bidder should remit the amount using payment gateway and after each valid payment the art work will be shipped within some days.


Proposed System:

ONLINE ART GALLERY is a application software and it is very helpful for the art lovers and others who wants to know the addresses where this kind of arts will we sold.


This application helps the end-users to search their arts and paintings and they can place order for the selected pieces. The end-user can also get the information about the art exhibition and the respective address, so, that they can visit to those exhibitions.


Art Gallery brings you an opportunity to view online art exhibitions at our Online Art Gallery  we bring you details of all art exhibitions held in the past and the forthcoming show. The Online Art Gallery is updated daily, so the user can view and buy the latest collection of contemporary art online from any where in the world. You can view and buy the latest Indian contemporary art collection available at their exhibitions and also at their online gallery.



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Hardware                      : PC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM

Operating System        : Windows 2000, XP, 2003 server

Software                       : ASP.Net, C#.Net

Backend                        : Sql Server 2000/2005

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