Noble Job Portal

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The Project “Noble Job Portal” is an intranet application for department of computer science for automating the process of resume preparation & applying for jobs. This would be facilitating the students & experienced candidates to make and print their resumes in a proper format. In addition, it will be facilitating the higher management to search the students depending upon their skill sets and other attributes. The basic requirement is to have a centralized repository of all skill-holders in the organization s that an student with a particular skill set can immediately found in the case of urgent requirement. And also searching for jobs & applying for jobs is possible. This projects main motto is to reduce the effort of management in providing better services to students and in taking better decisions. 

Existing System

The existing system of this project is prepared in the MS-Word Application software. The Format which is designed is manual. But creating different resume formats is heavy Burdon. To reduce the Burdon we have developed this software. And also job portal is developed.

The different processes involved are:

  • To maintain the details like personal, educational &skills.
  • To maintain the three defaults resume formats.
  • Select appropriate one and display the data in required format.
  • To display the details based on the skills.
  • To facilitate the job applying & searching.

Drawbacks of the existing system

The existing system has lot of problems such as

There  is no database to store and retrieve the details from  MS-Word

Time delay is more because to prepare the resume manually.

Applying for jobs is doing manual.

Proposed System

The proposed system tries to solve the problems mentioned above. The main objective of the proposed system is to provide information instantly as and when it is required. The main objective is to make the resume details more efficient. This system should maintain different data files and resume formats, so that the data can be retrieved easily and in an efficient manner. The system is very interactive. It should ensure process integration to the desired extent, various reports should be generated as the need be. This system should also ensure that there is no redundancy in the recorded data. We can apply the jobs by searching using this proposed system.

Advantages of proposed system:

1. To store all details of the persons i.e. personal, educational, and skill details, so that it provides better services to users.

2. The proposed system provides efficient management of resume Preparation.    

3. Because of computerization manual work is eliminated and Manual errors can be overcome easily.

4. It provides an effective way for job searching in which user Reqiremens are appeared.

5. The users can apply for jobs & also they can view the list of Candidates who applied.

Limitations of the proposed system

1.The main drawback of the proposed system is that, it is not provided with any help menus.

2.It does not provide more than three resume formats.

3.It does not facilitate to see the selected candidates list , who have applied for the jobs.

Number of persons

The project titled as “Noble Job Portal” is handled by two persons lead by a project in charge

Software Environment

Operating system             : Windows200/Xp-SP2

Front-End                       : JSP & Servlets

Back-End                          : oracle 9

Browser                          : IE7

Server                                 : Tomcat4.1

Hardware Environment

CPU                            : Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz

RAM                          : 512 MB

Hard disk-Drive                   : 80 GB

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