Net Banking

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Project Overview:

The main objective of this project is to enable registered account holders to view their account details and to transfer amount from one account to another account. Customers can also view their transaction, which are made by them. The registered user will also be able to modify any personal details such as address or phone number.

Business Impacts

It will reduce the amount of time spent by the employees and the account holders to retrieve, search and store data related to various activities and status. It also provides a convenient, efficient and consistent means to view their account details and all the transaction including deposit, withdrawal of money using cutting-edge technology.

Expected Results

†   Time saving and consistency of the made transactions.

†   Time saving for the account holder of the bank to view and modify the personal detail and also provides the convenience of searching for the records.


†   Searching Capabilit

For users’ convenience, they should able to search for their records using different criteria thus allowing them to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. This saves the users’ time and makes search convenient.

†   Ease of Use

The Online Banking system is expected to have uniform data input mechanism, drop down data entry lists where possible forms and other similar features. The websites screen need to be designed and organized for easier, more intuitive access to get registered, logon, view the record and modify the personal information.

†   Transaction Management

The transaction made through either net or manually in bank need to have a consistency with respect to the account details and other related information like transaction details across various databases.

†   Event Logging

Significant System events (e.g. Logons any failure activity) must be logged and time stamped so that the system admin/web master is able to monitor system updated and usage.

†   Value Added Services

The system should provide value added services like making a request for bank statements, cheque book, renewing ATM / Debit Cards etc.

†   Security

The Online Banking system deals with a lot of proprietary information for its users, which are confidential. It is therefore imperative to provide a means through which information can be kept confidential. This is also ensures that the data that is put into the system maintains its integrity because malicious or unauthorized individual will not have access to alter them


The project is split into several modules to ensure an easier approach for developing the software. The modules are divided based upon various activities, which are as follows

†   Account Opening:

To use the services offered by a bank the customer has to open an account. The opening of an account is the first stage of contact with the bank. The New Account module involves in opening an account. The accounts are of various types and categories (like SB, CA, NRI etc.). Every individual usually maintains savings account. The interest rates for a savings account is the least when compared to other accounts. Customers can deposit or withdraw money at any time. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) fixes the interest rates.

†   Transfer Funds Between Accounts:

Banks provide services to transfer funds from one account to another. The customers can transfer their account from one branch to another. The transfer services are offered by the transaction services. Income Tax payment can be made through the bank. The amount can be calculated with the inputs provided by the customer and the tax amount can be transferred to the income tax authority.

†   View Ledger Entries:

When money is deposited the amount is entered under deposits and when money is withdrawn the amount is entered under withdrawals. The description of the deposits and withdrawals are given along with the amount. For every transaction of money from one Account to the other or from one place to other places the entries should get into a ledger. So to view the ledger entries this module provides all the functionality.

†   Utilities Provided by the system:

The application will have facilities like interest calculator and foreign exchange calculator.


Software Requirement:

Language                  :  Java 2

Platform                    :  Windows2000

Application Server  :  Web Logic 7.0

DB Server                 :  Oracle8/8i/9i.

Other Techs              :   JRE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Thin Drivers

Hardware Requirement:

Intel Pentium III (550MHz) or Higher Processor

128 MB RAM

Zip Drive or CD-Drive

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