Net Banking

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The main objective of this proposed system is to online all the activities of a bank. The system is like to enable the bank employees to open accounts for their customers with ease and to add the details, to transfer amount from one account to another account and doing all the activities related to loan, making all type of transactions. Using the system employees can also generate different types of modules.

  • Add Acct Type Information
  • Add Loan Detail Information
  • Create New Accounts
  • Transaction (Deposits, Withdraws and Loan Payments)
  • Issue Loans
  • Issue DD’s
  • Generate Reports (Day, monthly, withdraws, dd’s, and deposits)

Using the system client can also generate different type of modules.

  • Check Account Types Information
  • Check Loans Information
  • Check Balance Amount

Existing System:

The existing system is a manual process. Numerous accounts are to be maintained: 1) Maintain Records for each Account. 2) Note Deposits and with draw transaction for each account 3) Maintain Loan Records And 4) Maintain DD’s Records. The existing system to be maintains lot of paper work information’s. When any statistical analysis is to be carried out, for example: a comparison of the past year’s deposits or withdraws with that of the current year, it is also a laborious task of referring to many record books, compiling lists, and carrying out the analysis work.

Problems With Existing System:

Ø  Lot of space is required to store all the details of the candidates and the Companies.

Ø  Data is spread across a number of record books, which have to be manually integrated to arrive at a solution.

Ø  The system is prone to human errors. Detection of errors is a difficult task since every thing is done manually.

Ø  Tracking of errors to their origin is difficult

Ø  There is no security to data. Any one can view through the data concerning the activities of the Consultancy

Ø  Any modification to the data requires searching through all the records and then making the relevant changes.

Ø  The process is very time consuming.

Proposed System:

Manual processing of data is very tedious and time consuming and leads to erroneous results, at times.  In order to overcome these snags computers are being used extensively in all fields thereby minimizing manual labor and errors to a great extent. 

Taking all the advantages involved in computerizing, the proposed system “  Net Banking System” integrates all the manual activities by linking them under a single head. This System processes the day-to-day activities and generates tender reports that help the user to get a good grasp of the situation(s) and take decisions quickly and in-time.


Account Management

The system is expected to have a user-friendly interface to manage Account Details and it should provided convenient mechanism to deal with daily activities with respect to Bank Accounts.

Searching Capability

For bank employees’ convenience, the system should provide the ability to search for their records using different criteria thus allowing them to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. This saves the users’ time and makes search convenient.

Ease of Use

The Bank Operation Management System is expected to have uniform data input mechanism, drop down data entry lists where possible forms and other similar features. The websites screen need to be designed and organized for easier, more intuitive access to get account details, Transaction details, Loan Details and to view the record and modify the customers’ personal information.

Transaction Management

The transaction made through either net or manually in bank need to have a consistency with respect to the account details and other related information like transaction details across various databases.

Event Logging

Significant System events (e.g. Logons, Transaction Failure, Changing PIN and Account Access Failure etc.) must be logged and time stamped so that the system admin/web master is able to monitor system updated and usage.

Managing Loan Approval Details

Every customer of the bank, who is going to be approved for a loan need to have an account with the bank, they need to provide their guaranty/security deposit, which they have the ability to refund the amount against the loan they are taking. So the system needs to have the ability to provide the facility to store all these kind of information.


The Bank Operation Management System deals with a lot of proprietary information for its customers, which are confidential. It is therefore imperative to provide a means through which information can be kept confidential. This also ensures that the data that is put into the system maintains its integrity because malicious or unauthorized individuals will not have access to alter them

Software Technologies:

Operating – System      : WindowsXP.

Frond End                     : C# .Net

Back-End                      : Sql Server 2000

Web Server                   : IIS

Script                             : Java Script

Hardware Technologies:

Processor               :  Pentium III processor (800MHz.)

Memory                :  512 MBRAM

Hard Disk             :  80 GB HDD  

Display                  :  Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors

Mouse                   :  Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Click here to download Net Banking source code