Mail Tracker

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The Objective of this system is to illustrate the use of Tracking. Email Tracker is an application, which is used to trace the mails send by the users.

There may be many employees in any organization it is very difficult to maintain them to restrict in not using the mail servers, so this proposed TRACKER is going to keep track of all the transactions of any user.

If anyone sends an email, then as well as the message itself, they include the recipient's email address. The mail transmission system uses the address to route the message to the recipient's - this is just a computer system equipped for storing and providing access to email. The mail server holds the message until the recipient connects to it and checks the mail.

To use email, you need to register on a mail server system. This provides:

  • An email address so that your incoming messages stores at the right place
  • A private mail storage area that will hold incoming messages until they get read
  • Secure access to that area with username and password
  • It also provides an area for you to store messages once they are read.

Incoming mail to any of these addresses is delivered to the same account. Outgoing messages are delivered to the particular addresses.

Tracker is an application that is used to trace the mails sent by the users. The User can navigate to all the pages and can also send mails. The Admin can view all the information and also get the reports of a particular User.  User can only access the mails.


  • Fully compatible with Internet messaging standards.
  • Allow message access and management from more than one computer.
  • Client needs no knowledge about the server's file store format.
  • The protocol checking for new messages, permanently removing messages, setting and clearing flags, selective fetching of message attributes, texts, and portions thereof for efficiency.


  • Admin
  • User
    • Inbox.
    • Outbox.
    • Checking mails.
    • Composing
    • Deleting the unnecessary mails. 


Admin is the one who is going to monitor all the users and grant or deny permissions to any user.  Admin can have the information related to the user like what the entire transactions user is doing.  User may do many transactions like sending and receiving mails as the information accessed is related to the company.  As the information related to the company should be kept confidential and should be accessed only to the prescribed persons so the admin has to monitor all the user transactions.  This application provides such option to the admin to keep track of entire user transactions like to whom the user is sending the mails and what is the content and from whom he is receiving the mails and what the content in that.


He can get into system with the authentication and can access all the information related to his id that is nothing but mailing services.  He can do all the functionalities of the system and at the same time he can utilize all the services of the mailing server.  He can send the mail or receive the mail and read what ever features mailing server provides the user can utilize all those services.


User can have all the received mails stored in this module.  It gives the complete information of all the mails received.

Out Box

User can store the information related to all the mails sent by him will be stored in the outbox

Checking Mails

User can access all the mails received by him will be stored in the inbox and user can check those mails whenever user feels it is required.


User can sent mails.  User can utilize the option called composing to send the mails.  To send the mails the mail has to be composed.

Deleting The Unnecessary Mails

User receives much number of mails.  User requires few mails to be stored and rest to be deleted.  This module provides the option for user to delete unnecessary mails.

Definition and reason for Condition Analysis

System analysis will be performed to determine if it is feasible to design an information based on policies and plans of the organization and on user requirements and to eliminate the weaknesses of the present system.

General requirements

1.    The new system should be cost effective.

2.    To augment management, improve productivity and services.

3.    To enhance User/System interface.

4.    To improve information qualify and usability.

5.    To upgrade system’s reliability, availability, flexibility and growth potential.

Identification of Need

Existing System

Now days there are many mail servers which are providing the mailing the systems to the users.  By using these servers we can send, receive or do all the mailing services.  But the problem with that we can’t view the information of the user’s transactions because it is very much important for an organizations like Call Centre.  Unfortunately no mail server is providing such option.

Proposed System

As the TRACKER project is developed using JAVA Html, Servlets and JSP it provides a user friendly graphical user interface which navigates user through out the program by providing various task related to internet mail messaging facilities when connected to a mail server.

It provides the user to perform various emails messaging operation like checking, composing, deleting and forward email. It provides all the facilities, which are provided to the user by Outlook to access his account.

The various protocols available in JAVA API package are implemented to access the users’ account using this project.

Present project is capable of configuring the authorized user to the server, which has the entire control over the users account management.

In this project the client is kept unknown with the server mechanism and the implementation of the various protocols. Due to this feature the authorized user can easy communicate with respective mail server and access his accounts with all the facilities, which are provided to him.

Hardware Requirements

Processor                 :            Intel Pentium III or more

Ram                            :            256 MB or more

Cache                         :           512 KB

Hard disk                   :           16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partition

Software Requirements

Opera ting system               :     Windows 2000 /XP or later

Front End Software :       ASP.NET & C#

Back End Software             :      SQL - SERVER

Servers                           :       IIS Server

Click here to download Mail Tracker source code