Intrusion detection: An Energy efficient approach in Heterogeneous WSN(2011)

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            Intrusion detection plays an important role in the area of security in WSN. Detection of any type of intruder is essential in case of WSN. WSN consumes a lot of energy to detect an intruder. Therefore we derive an algorithm for energy efficient external and internal intrusion detection. We also analyse the probability of detecting the intruder for heterogeneous WSN. This paper considers single sensing and multi sensing intruder detection models. It is found that our experimental results validate the theoretical results.


1        In single-sensing detection, at a time only one intruder detected by the WSN.

2        Our Previous work was according to homogeneous and heterogeneous single sensor in wireless sensor network


.  The sensed information provided by a   single sensor might be inadequate for recognizing the intruder.

.  So that there is no guarantee for our information has been sent securely.

.  Data will not routed if primary detector fails.


1        In Heterogeneous wireless sensor ,Intruder detected anywhere in the network.

2        We are detecting the intruder in multiple sensor heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.


  .  If primary detector fails another detector detect the intruder.

   .  By finding the intruders we can send our information in a secured manner.


  • Constructing Sensor Network
  • Packet Creation
  • Find authorized and un authorized port
  • Constructing Inter-Domain Packet Filters
  • Receiving the valid packet



           In this module, we are going to connect the network .Each node is connected the neighboring node and it is independently deployed in network area. And also deploy the each port no is authorized in a node.


           In this module, browse and select the source file. And selected data is converted into fixed size of packets. And the packet is send from source to detector.


          The intrusion detection is defined as a mechanism for a WSN to detect the existence of inappropriate, incorrect, or anomalous moving attackers. In this module check whether the path is authorized or unauthorized. If path is authorized the packet is send to valid destination. Otherwise the packet will be deleted. According port no only we are going to find the path is authorized or Unauthorized.


            If the packet is received from other than the port no it will be filtered   and discarded. This filter only removes the unauthorized packets and authorized packets send to destination.


            In this module, after filtering the invalid packets all the valid Packets will reach the destination.


Hardware Requirements:

PROCESSOR              :  PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz

RAM                               :  512 MB

HARD DISK                  :  20 GB

Software Requirements:

               OPERATING SYSTEM     :  Window’s XP

FRONT END                    :  Java

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