Info Ware Services

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This project will be designed and developed for FAQ’s posted to various departments.  The University examination branch wants to maintain all the frequently asked questions in the database subject wise, to available them to all the students.  And they will update the questions as and when required. The primary goal of Infoware Services is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient to use in retrieving and storing database information.

The database system must provide for the safety of the information stored, despite system crashes or attempts at unauthorized access.  If data are to be shared among several users, the system must avoid possible anomalous results.

In “Info ware Services” maintaining the details of various frequently asked questions posted by the students to the administrators of consult department are to be kept in a data base and also can be retrieved easily when the admin answers that question.

Existing System

The existing system is a manual one. When the student wants to clear his query he personally contacts the concerned person in the university. The concerned person will clear his doubt.


Difficulty in contacting the concerned person.

Difficult to handle more students for administrator.

Difficulty of maintaining frequently asked questions in a data base

Proposed System

The Info ware Services   is to replace the existing manual system with a software solution.

The University examination branch wants to maintain all the frequently asked questions in the database subject wise, to avail them to all the students.  And they will update the questions as and when required in online.

The proposed system has one super user to control the data, appointing the administrators in each department. The administrator is responsible to answer all the questions posted by students.

When the student post a question in certain department the respective administrator will answer the question and a copy of the answer will be sent to the student.

Merits of This System

Faster processing when compared to existing one.

Maintaining frequently asked questions

Modifications of answers can be carried out immediately

Administrator can handle more number of students.

Easy maintenance of administrator details.


The project contains three modules

1. Super User

2. Administrator

3. Student

Module 1: Sup?er User

The responsibility of the super user is to centrally control the data, appoint administrators to all the departments and shifting the administrators one department to other and replacing with others when there is a vacancy in any departments.

Module 2: Administr?ator

The major responsibility of administrator is to answer all the questions posted by students on a regular basis. The administrator can add, modify or remove questions from all the categories. Administrator also reserves a right to post a question into a particular category even if it is not a question frequently asked. The administrators have the capability of changing his password as when he requires.

Module 3:  Students

These are the users at the lower level of our abstraction.  Before posting a question, the student has to select the department to which it belongs.  A copy of the answer will be sent to the student after the administrator answered his question.


Session management

Connection pooling

Normalized database

Prevention of duplication login

Design patterns

Three-tier architecture


Exception handling

Client-side validations


Web Presentation: HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting: JavaScript

Programming Language: Java

Web based Technologies: JNDI, Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity API: JDBC

Build Tool: ANT

Debug Tool: Log 4J

Backend Database: Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX, Solaris

J2EE Web/Application Server: Tomcat/Weblogic/Websphere/JBoss/Glash Fish

IDEs: Eclipse with My Eclipse plugins/Net Beans/RAD

Browser: IE/Mozilla


Processor                             :         Intel P-III based system

Processor Speed                  :         250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM                          :         512 MB

Hard Disk                            :         2GB to 30GB

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