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This Application is an efficient searching tool for Students for guiding them regarding courses, colleges, university related information with complete information like Name of the college, City location and contact numbers and brief description about the college with a single click to access the data and related links.

 In this members will register and provide the information if the user is more interested in knowing the complete information about the College, Course or University they can follow the provided links and visit the site.

Career finder is a compilation of separate products for users of all ages with some targeted specifically for students in schools. The products have been developed for individuals to work through at their own pace. Teachers and facilitators guides are provided and outcomes mapped to the  curriculum learning outcomes.

For those who know what they want to do and what they wish to achieve from life, it is just finding the correct path that would lead them to their career goals.

The objective of this section- Career Courses in India- is to expose the students to the various modes of approach that they can adopt to reach the career of their choice. Thus, it would help them to decide whether to take up correspondence courses or online degrees or to study abroad.

In case students have any apprehensions as to whether they would fit in their careers or if the career would get monotonous after a point of time, then this section has various other career options that they can consider. But one thing is for sure that the career one chooses should be one in which he is happy, one in which his heart is set.

The universities of India can be classified in various categories like Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities, Agricultural universities, National Institutes of Importance and Open Universities.

The education system in India is one of the largest in the world and there are quite a good number of schools, colleges, universities along as well as institutes that offer distance learning courses and online degree programs in India. Therefore, this page leads you to vast information on Schools in India, Colleges in India, Universities in India. Here, we have attempted to cover the educational institutes in every state of India. Educational Institutes include schools in every state, universities, colleges- engineering colleges, medical colleges in India, computer institutes, management colleges, hotel management colleges and also other professional colleges existing in every state of India.


Existing System

In the existing system the entire Career related Colleges, Universities and institutional information was not available at one spot for these users were moving to different web sites.

Members module was not available such to place the new college or university or institution related information for secured login.

Even the Search Criteria was not user friendly.

Proposed System

In the proposed system all the information related to career are brought together to make the user access to the data in minute details.  

Member’s module was introduced to enrich the Searching more easier. Even the user interface (GUI) made simpler to access faster to the required links.

More security is provided Sessions for particular user is created to overcome the security problems.

Software/ Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • System                                    : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
  • Hard disk                                : 40 GB
  • RAM                                       : 512 MB

Software Requirements

  • Operating system                : Windows XP Professional
  • Technology                          : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008
  • Coding Language               : C#
  • Back End                               : SQL Server 2005

Modules and its Description

This project consists one main module and 3 sub modules

Main module is Members module and other modules include




Members Module:

In this module different college, university authorities can register their college  information and can have one unique identification for signing in each time if  there is any updations in the courses or the changes in the address all the updations are editable even for security purpose unique login id and password are provided it can be changed if required.

So to further proceed and provide the information and advertisement members module is the gateway.

Colleges Module:

Those registered members can post the information about the colleges where they provide basic information like

Name of the college,Address,University affilation and brief description about the college.

Here one more option which facilitates the user to their home page for this members can give the homepage URL so that interested users can avail the more information the provided link.

Courses Module:

This is also for registered members courses related information like Course name,Major subject category(Graduation,Postgraduation,Engineering,Medicine,Diploma,Certification etc …)and duration of the course can be mentioned.

University Module:

This is also similar like above only registered authorities can post the details such regarding the university like name of the university, address, contact numbers, and homepage url. This complete information is editable if there are updations in future

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