Image Gallery

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The main objective of the project is to provide advanced features to share the images.

 The “Advanced Image Gallery" is an AJAX based enabled web application. Where a user can view/share the images. He can create Albums which consists of related set of pictures of several wonderful moments. User has a possibility provided to edit an image with respect to design i.e. we can resize the image. He can have a slide show feature to have a better way of viewing images. User can upload/download the images; only paid users can download the images.

As we are using AJAX for this application, provides high rich user interface and advanced features to share the images easily.


·        Presently we have the systems where we can save images there is mo options of resizing the images and cropping the images.

·        There are few tools but they are paid not freeware.

·        There is no application which runs on intranet.


·        We are developing a User friendly website.

·        Our application can run on intranet.

·        Even the exception handling gets better.

·        There are options provided to the user for image cropping, resigning and changing colors for better look of image. 


1.     User

2.     Image

3.     Slide Show

User module:

A registered user can upload his own images and create albums for grouping a set of images as desired by the user. Thus he can maintain his own gallery where he can add new images or edit his images. He can also edit the images in the shared folder or the private images of the other users which have been shared to him exclusively.

Downloading option is provided to the user based on the payment as desired by the creator of the image.

Image module:

This module specifies all the options that are provided for editing the images such as cropping, resizing etc.Certain tools are provided for setting the required changes on an image.

Slide Show module:

In this module arrangement is done for viewing the images as slides. The slide show appearance enables the users to have good visual interaction with the images.  Here, before Slide show we will provide thumbnails of the images also.


q Hardware Requirements:

§  RAM: 256MB or higher.

§  Processor: P-III or higher.

§  Hard disk: 100MB

q Software Requirements:

Ø     Development:

§  Microsoft. Net framework 4.0.

§  Microsoft visual studio 2010

§  Windows 2000 service pack4 or higher versions.

§  Two different databases (Oracle, SQL Server 2005) for testing.

§  Microsoft C# 4.0 programming language.

§  SQL Server 2005.

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