Hospital Administration

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“Hospital Administration” is aimed at achieving two ends. The first, helping the patients manages their records and a hospital manages its patients better. This project work was inspired by the immense inconvenience faced by patients, especially in government hospitals, who spend hours in long-winding queues meandering all along hospital corridors. To add to the misery, they are made to carry a long list of diagnostic reports, reference slips, test-request applications, prescriptions for medicines, account bills and so on. The most affected are the less educated majority and the poor who cannot maintain these documents in a systematic fashion. This often leads to loss of a few documents as test reports, which might mar vision into the pathological history of the patient and might even impede further treatment.

Another major problem that affects the efficiency of treatment of patients and the management of the entire hospital is the time consumed in the manual processing of records, which are physical stationery. The realization that a software interface between the patient and the hospital, substituting those conventional and cumbersome datasheets would definitely lessen the time each patient has to spend at every point in his course through the departments of the hospital encouraged us to think of the second level of our project, that is, patient administration.

The details are posted to the database in the form of "forms" which are simulations of various forms that might be found in a hospital to store data, as OPD Ticket, X-Ray Requisition forms etc. Each patient is given a unique "registration-number". At a later stage, when it is required to access the medical history of the patient, the registration number is entered and based on that, the database is searched and his entire record scrolls before the user (the doctor). This fulfills first objective of acquitting the patients of the responsibility of keeping secure their own records.

The entire system is divided into 4 major modules

  1. Administrator module
  2. Inpatient module
  3. Outpatient  module
  4. Payments module

Administrator Module:

 In this Administrator  Maintain all Employees Details, Doctor Details Medicine Details, Department details, Room Details, Service Details ,Ward Details are maintained.

Inpatient Module:

 In this Inpatient Module maintain Inpatient Admission Details, Add medical Treatment Details, Add Service Treatment Details and Discharge Patient Details are maintained . 

Outpatient Module :

In this Outpatient  Module maintain Outpatient Details, Add medical Treatment Details, are maintained .

Payments Module :

In this Payments  Module maintain In And Outpatient Bills, Add medical Treatment Bills, are maintained .

 Existing System

Present system is manual. The Project Metrics has to enter all the details of project, documents, and tasks. It also maintenance the team information and also efforts estimation. For this purpose the organization maintain the size of the document, source code and update the information about team member’s details   manually. Which is much of time consuming process and more importantly it is error prone. Limitations Of the Manual system

  1. It is time consuming
  2. It leads to error prone results
  3. It consumes lot of manpower to better results
  4. It lacks of data security
  5. Retrieval of data takes lot of time
  6. Percentage of accuracy is less
  7. Reports take time to produce

Hence Computerization of the existing system is proposed. The new system completely removes all manual burdens and provide efficient on the entry system.

Proposed system

Objectives Of the Proposed System

  1. To generate the quick reports
  2. To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  3. To provide proper information briefly
  4. To provide data security
  5. To provide huge maintenance of records
  6. Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

After understanding the existing system and understanding the need for developing a new system different people involved in the related activities have been consulted. The data needed for the study has been collected from company records.

The computerization of this system would avoid the wrong interpretation and bad calculation of data .The system help the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The record data is maintained and backed up such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increased.



  • RDBMS                                  :           SQLSERVER 2000
  • SOFTWARE                          :           VS.NET 2005
  • FRONT END TOOL              :           ASP.NET


  • RAM                                       :           128MB
  • HARD DISK                          :           MINIMUM 20 GB

Click here to download Hospital Administration source code