Franchisee Management

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This application software is used to automate the transactions between the head office and the franchisees. The software must also provide real-time communication between two franchisees or the controlling office over Internet. This software will be used both at the controlling office and the franchisee centers. The software will cover Enrollment, Course fee collection, Course fee Remittances, Material allotment, Report generation and Chatting. The software has to register new enrollments, accept the course fee collection details such as receipt number, amount, date of receipt etc and store those details at the head office's centralized database. The application is required to maintain franchisee details such as business partner details, courses allowed to run, agreement validity etc


Franchisee Management System consists of list of records about the management of the details of the students and the issues going on and also about some books and all. This is a web-based application. The project has five modules namely-Login component, Administrator Component, Franchise Manager Component, Student Component. According to the Modules the Distributor and Sub Distributors can manage and do their activities in easy manner.

As the modern organizations are automated and computers are working as per the instructions, it becomes essential for the coordination of human beings, commodity and computers in a modern organization. This information helps the distributors to purchase or sale the products very efficiently.

The administrators and all the others can communicate with the system through this projects, thus facilitating effective implementation and monitoring of various activities of the distributor of a supermarket.

Existing System

An educational institute which is having several franchises throughout the city finds it difficult to communicate between one another and with the head office. It results in delay of taking decisions regarding meetings, issuing of material, payment of fee, etc.


The following are the disadvantages of the existing system

  •    It is difficult to maintain important information in books.
  •    More manual hours need to generate required reports.
  •    It is tedious to manage historical data which needs much space to keep all the previous years’ ledgers, books etc.

Proposed System

The FRANCHISEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and generating reports. Maintaining of franchise details is complex in manual system in terms of agreements, royalty and activities. This all have to be maintained in ledgers or books. Franchise Co-coordinators needs to visit each franchise for small information also. So that communication between franchise and Franchise Co-ordinate is difficult.

Objective of the System

The goal of the system is to bring down the work load with the increased efficiency and to speed up the activities. With this it is very easy to process course fee that is collected time to time from students who are registered and studying at franchisees. This system will help controlling officer to monitor the performance of franchisees at any point of time.

The proposed system provides real time communication between the users irrespective of geographical boundaries. The users can communicate effectively over a certain topic without having to meet in personal. It serves as a fine alternative to face-to-face conferences


The proposed system categories and follows these modules to implement

Login component

1.      Administrator(Head office manager)

2.      Franchise Manager

3.      Student

Administrator Component

1.      Administrator

Franchise Manager Component

1.      Franchise Manager

Student Component

1.      Fee Details

2.      Exam Details


Login Component: This module consists of ‘Login’ details along with changing password or new entry.

Administration: This module caters various activities of the Manager at the head office. As administrator the Manager has privileges for approval /rejection of a student’s admission at any franchise center. He has the privilege to issue course material for all the courses to the franchise centers at a cost.

Franchise Manager In this module, Franchise needs to register. When the new Franchise is register, one Co-ordinate is assign to the Franchise by the Head Office who takes care about the Franchise business like what are new courses offered etc.

Student Details: When the student takes the admission in the Franchise .Franchise Manager need to send the details of the students to the Head Office for the Processing of Placements, Exams etc.

Fee Details: When Franchise is offering any courses there is some course fee fixed for the course. According to the course selected by the student Franchise sends the fee details to the Head Office. When the Head Office got the fee details of any student on the basis to the fee details they provides the material to student.

Exam Details: After the completion of the course Franchise will keep the exam and send the exam details to the Head Office where Head Office management evaluates the paper and send the result as well as Certificates to the center. 

Hardware ?Requirements:-


256 MB Ram

512 KB Cache Memory

Hard disk 10 GB

Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board

Software Requirements: -

Operating System :           Windows 95/98/XP with MS-office

Programming  language:   .NET2.0, VISUAL STUDIO2005

Web-Technology:               ASP.NET

Back-End:                           SQL SERVER 2005

Web Server:                       IIS.

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