Flow Well Automation System

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Flow well Automation System is web based application to automate the process of sales of that company i.e raising new order , calculating  total bill to that order and stock maintenance , pending order maintenance ,shipping of items damaged stock maintenance ,quality control ,viewing order status etc.

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Problem Definition

A  pump industry is a company, which manufactures the following products. They are 100 mm Submersible Pump Sets , 150 mm Submersible Pump Sets.

 Pump Industry’s Inventory department has been automated in 2000 using Visual Basic as front end and Oracle as backend. First of all, the user receives the product chosen by the customer and then the industry maintains the details manually .They faced a lot of problems. In the long run it becomes difficult to maintain the records when the number of customers, products and dealers increase. Also getting the required data regarding customer details, the various product details, the stock available for the respective products, the payment details becomes difficult. At a particular time monitoring, the performance of the various products available or details of payments or details of the customer who have bought some goods, becomes difficult and time consuming .And the departments want to communicate through internal mailing system.

Any time a change is implemented in the product details, stock details, customer details, dealer details or credit payment details there are manipulations in the respective records or new records have to be maintained.

Present System

 Industry’s Inventory (stores) department has been automated in 2000 using Visual Basic as front end and Oracle as backend. This system is well adopted but could cater only stores but could not synchronize sales database. It requires lot of attention and risk from the user’s side. Other departments such as Sales department, Quality department, and management had not automated. So this computerized automated solution proves to be extremely handy. In the present system the user has to enter the details of the product chosen by the customer. He also maintains the details of the form of payment (cash or credit) made by the customer in the logbooks. He also maintains and updates the stock details. All this is carried out manually.

Manager measures the performance of the product and the payment details by checking the papers, which are maintained by user. Manager sees the stock available for each product by checking the logbooks, which have to be maintained by the user.

Problems in present system

  1. Could not synchronize the Outward information to order details.
  2. No track of the complaints and replaced goods after ordering
  3. Order status is updated manually using Order Confirmation.
  4. Very high levels of effort for preparing invoices and dispatch related documents and routing them to relevant departments or locations and high levels of clerical activity on account of applicability of different customers and products.
  5. Increased levels of expectation from customers with respect to prompt delivery of items.
  6. Inability to accurately judge changing patterns of fast and slow moving items on account of large volumes of data, and inability to track goods in transit.
  7. Difficulties in handling customer queries pertaining to consignments in-transit and partial dispatches.
  8. Important orders not discriminated from others since all orders since all orders were processed on a FIFO basis-hence need to be able to prioritize and process orders on a preferential basis (for high value orders or important customers), if required.
  9. Increase in frequency of goods returned on account of damage leading to high stock levels of damaged goods in the factory.
  10. Discrepancy between ordered and invoiced quantities on account of either partial availability of stocks or clerical oversights.
  11. Insufficient checks in the current system for ensuring customer credit limits are not exceeded.
  12. Sales data not analyzed properly to streamline production volumes. This is primarily on account of varying sales patterns across the year and high volumes of transaction.
  13. Customers could communicate to the Sales people but no information is kept in track for future references.

Management couldn’t not have any information regarding latest sales reports unless requested and taken it for Spreadsheet applications.

Management requires the Quality information updates against the complaints and quality measures and metrics, which the current system couldn’t provide such facilities.

The Project Proposal for Flowell

Project Proposal

Based on the analysis of problem areas in Flowell and the preliminary study, it is proposed that Flowell Industries Ltd. Should go in for automation of some of their key areas of operations in the company. This will not only alleviate the current problems but also provide an information network, which will strengthen the manner in which the organizations address its priority areas.

Application Portfolio

It is recommended that the organization takes up the following four functional areas for automation

  • Sales order department
  • Quality department
  • Stores department
  • Management Information System

The reasons for selecting the above are that firstly they directly address the problems enumerated. Secondly, together they forma cohesive set of well-integrated application with one system acting as the feeder system for the other.

Advantages of the Proposed System

1.      Inter-Department Communication using Intranet Mailing Services (emails)

2.      Tracking the mails received from the customers as complaints and using them for appraisal and audit purpose purposes.

3.      Customized and adhoc reports for the MIS for decision-making.

4.      Order indent-automation from the direct sales dept.

5.      Inventory Database updates.

6.      Stock information

Communication with the customers regarding the orders and complaints and tracking them for the future purposes.

Software hardware Requirements

 The following software and hardware are recommended for the company.


NO/S             : Windows 2000 Advanced Server/Server

Web technologies :servlets ,html ,jsp

Mail Server   : POP3, SMTP

Service Pack : Service Pack 2 or more

JDK               : J2SE1.3 or more


RAM: 512 MB Minimum Recommended

HDD:  At least 1 GB Minimum HDD Space required.


Click here to download Flow Well Automation System source code