File Splitter

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File Splitter is software which is used to split the user specifying file according to the user specifying size. It is very difficult to transfer one big file from one end to another through any media like internet or small storage like Floppy, Pen drive etc. This software helps to overcome this problem. The splitted portions of file may carry some temporary information to denote the number of splitted part and total number of parts etc. This idea is used to split big files to small pieces for transferring purpose, uploading etc. In the destination side, these parts of file can be jointed to form the original source file.

Splitting process is mainly aiming in the area of file transferring from one end to another.
There are three techniques to split the file.
1. Split in the size of 1.4MB (Floppy size)
2.Split in the size of 650MB (CD size)
3.User specifying size, Here file will be splitted equally in the specified size.

To ensure the security, the user can include password to split and combine the files. This splitted portion will be in non readable format and will be encrypted. If the user has given password to split, the same password is required to do the combining option. This program is developed using Java and can implement in .NET also.

FileSplitter" splits any big file into many small files, and merges them again into one big file. The program is very small (about 20 KB) and written in pure Java 1.2 which mean that you can use it with any operating system with JRE 1.2. There is no installation and no setup, just copy it and start it. "FileSplitter" is the perfect solution if you need to transfer big file on Floppydisks or split a big file into small parts.

Existing System:

In Existing system we can’t send the large amount data through E-

Mails or specific size of the disks. So we need to partion the data. But  no software is available to  split the data as our requirement.

Proposed System:

File Splitter is a tool to split large files into smaller files so that they can be put on floppies or sent by email. File Splitter can be used individual home computer users or large organizations.

File Splitter and Merger Consist of the Following Modules

a) Admin


c) Custom Splitter

d) Merger


Admin has control over the whole application and he makes the new registrations for the users.


Users login into the system. After login into the system they are using this software.


Users register into the system and then login into the system. After login into the system they are using this software.

Custom Splitter:

Custom splitter splits the files depending upon the customer requirements. If the users want three pieces of files depending upon the file size. The Original File Split into 3 Pieces of files. Other procedures same as the above Auto Splitter after splitting the file the merger merges the above files into original file.

Splitted into Three Pieces of files :

for example  three file names ( Red1.txt, Red2.txt and Red3.txt). And divides original file size by three. Resultant file size to allocate dynamically three pieces of files.

File Name :Red1.txt File Size1 :1 MB

File Name :Red2.txt File Size2 :1 MB

File Name :Red3.txt File Size3 :1 MB

After Splitting the file the merger merges the above files into original file format.


Merger merges the splitted file into original single file. Merger reads splitted files information and writes into single original file.

Software Requirements:

Language                                 :  C#.NET

Technologies                            :  Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET

Database                                 : MS SQL SERVER 2005

IDE                                          :  Visual Studio 2008

Operating System                    :  Microsoft Windows XP or Later Version

Hardware Requirements:

Processor                                 : Intel Pentium or more

RAM                                       : 512 MB (Minimum)

Hard Disk                               : 20 GB

Click here to download File Splitter source code