Event Management System

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This project performs the task of developing a web application that enables the students and faculty to retrieve the data very easily. The main purpose of event management system is to provide a platform for the users to view the information about the events that took place in the past and the ones which are about to take place in the near future. The users can be faulty, students and administrator. They can first login into the website and see through the information such as details about the events like the venue, theme of the event , participants, chief guests ,etc. The faculty can keep the record of the attendance also .The administrator can login and update the information ,delete any unwanted data ,arrange the information accordingly so that the user can go through an user friendly and know all the whereabouts of their college.


The scope of the project is just limited to a laptop or a pc with an internet connection. Firstly the user, whoever it may be (student of faculty) need to register to the website. After the registration process is completed each one of them gets a password and have their own user ids. With these two they can access their account and for any query they can contact the administrator by sending him a mail.

  • Facility to schedule a meeting.
  • Facility to see participants engagement's dairy
  • Facility to invite participants over mail
  • Facility to cancel the Events
  • Participants option for denying the invitation
  • User registration
  • Administrator privilage to edit user's profile


In existing system there are lot of paper work and manual processing.

While writing a paper records the management have to keep the records very carefully as the entire data is written in those books.

Everything is paper based hence it is very time consuming.

More than one person cannot access the data at same time.


  • Lot of paper work required.
  • Man power was more.
  • Time  consuming process.


Proposed online student registration system will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process.   System will allow student to fill the form online, system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. After successful submission, system will give unique registration ID for each student. Student can login into system by using this registration ID and can give online feedback. System will generate the result instantly and store the results for further use.

Improve management productivity, satisfaction and retention by Eliminate paper trails and manual process with complete online management for handling management for registration of events.

Manage all students’ information easily in comprehensive students record that includes   students information. Simply Event Management System with easy record management. Faculty can easily manage the attendance of the students who are participating in certain events.


In the existing system lot of paper work was required and it was time consuming process. As it was manual process retrieving data was very difficult. More than one person cannot access the data.

  • Lot of paper work required.
  • Man power was more.
  • Time consuming process.

Event   Management   System (EMS) is a web based application that supports online registration and feedback evaluation for event training programs such as games, seminars and workshops. It helps program attendees, organizers, the authors and the reviewers in their respective activities.

Development of Event management system is an attempt to address the problems of managing registration forms, feedback forms and evaluating feedback. The main goal of this software is to give working solution to store, manage and consolidate the registration data and the feedback data.

EMS is web-based system for collecting registration forms and evaluating the feedback automatically. It increases the scope of the report generation even by generating report over a period of time.

Typical functions supported by TMIS are:

  • Registering students participants,

  • Getting attendance from faculty,

  • Collecting feedback from students,

  • Generating feedback reports.

The EMS is easy to use, full-featured and flexible participant registration and feedback   assessment web application.


  • Students

  • Faculty

  • Administrator

ADMINISTRATOR does login, upload events, and verify events registration form, logout.

Use cases:

  • Login

  • Upload events

  • Delete events

  • Verify events registration

  • Logout

A STUDENT does login, registration, view events, events registration, event status, logout.

 Use cases:

  • Login

  • Registration

  • View events

  • Event Registration

  • Event status

  • Logout

FACULTY does login, register, and view events, view register students, logout

  Use cases:

  • Login

  • Register    

  • View events

  • View register students

  • Logout


Micro processor Pentium-p4

Hard Disk Drive:512MB

RAM: 256MB




Technology:  java, jdbc, jsp.

Database:      My SQL.

Web Server: Tomcat Apache5.0.

Operating system: Windows XP.

Browser:       Internet Explorer7.0.

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