Enterprise Reource Planning Management

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Enterprise Resource Planning Management is online system with Personal and general administration activities fully automated, like Recruitment, Employee establishment and personal information, Medical Reimbursement, Leave and Attendance, Payroll, Training etc... The existing RECRUITMENT SYSTEM in Nagarjuna Group is currently being used in FoxPro.


No proper dynamic search method is available to immediately access a particular record. Fast retrieval of required data is not possible thus causing delay and unnecessary search of the entire lis

FoxPro under Novel NetWare version is not a graphical user interface based application. User interaction with the system is minimized because of the DOS environment, unlike the windows environment where the user interaction with the system is high

Handling of large databases effectively is not possible with the above software

Creating dynamic queries is difficult in FoxPro, So dynamic report generation is not possible

Security feature which is very important   aspect of NFCL is already existing but needs to be enhanced and need to be foolproof.

Online reports and graphical representation of reports do not exist.


Keeping in view of growth that has been envisaged, it may not be practical and economical to continue with the current system. To facilitate a more efficient Recruitment System and to increase the responsiveness, it is necessary to have better Recruitment System integrated with the enterprises Information System

System Objectives:

To  automate selection process. To  facilitate high graphical user interface to the user. To provide better functioning and accurate information in time. To provide data maintenance features.  To improve the efficiency and to reduce the overload of work.

To generate appropriate  and concerned information to the user using dynamic queries. To generate  appropriate reports. To provide  security

Module Description

In this project ERPM  we concentrated all the problems what ever we discussed in the above existing system. We are providing solution to the management with respect to time and cost   value. We are providing different authentication and authorization facility for each management levels.





Registration Module:

In organization they will get applicant details from different sources, such as by post, by email and by hand. This registration module deal the procedure to store these applicant details in database .In this module we can generate two reports one for applicant details and second one for skill set details.

Junior Level Management:

In this module junior level management conduct the different tests for the applicants, after technical written test, these tests are psychological tests organizational awareness tests and so on...

Senior Level Management:

In this module senior level management interact with the database for applicant details. They will go through the applicant details and their Skill-sets reports. They will select the applicants for technical written test and they will send intimation letters to applicants.


Software requirements:

Operating system :         Windows 98, MS-DOS.

Backend               :         ORACLE 8.0.

Front end             :         HTML.

Language              :         Servlets. 

Driver                   :         ODBC for oracle.

Hardware Requirements :

CPU                     :         Pentium III.

Ram                     :         64 MB.

Hard disk            :         10.2 GB.

Monitor              :         SVGA color monitor.

Keyboard             :         105 standard mouse.

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