Enterprise Fleet Management System

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Transportation is a lucrative business deal which can be risky at times as well. It is money spinning because people across the globe need somebody to transport their goods safely to various destinations. And they are paid handsomely for the service. The business becomes sloppy if the fleet company fails to make a prompt delivery of goods at the particular destination in time. If the company fails to carry out the delivery in time, it runs the risk of losing future businesses to its competitors. A faultless co-ordination between customers, transportation, accounting and billing is vital in ensuring a delay free fulfillment of the whole business deal. This is where an Enterprise Fleet Management system could work wonders for a Fleet company. Using this you can run a more efficient transportation network—and increase overall profitability.

Enterprise Fleet Management System is a modular based system that has been developed in conjunction with a group of industry representatives with the sole intention of making the task of managing a fleet of vehicles an easy one. Enterprise Fleet Management is a full cycle solution that offers functionality to manage a vehicle from the time it enters the business to the time it is disposed of.

You know how important it is to operate your business in a timely manner. Your fleets must operate reliably, packages must arrive on schedule, and you must plan diligently for any emergencies that may arise. One wrong turn on the road can mean your cargo can end up in the wrong place. And that means lost time, and lost profits. Whatever your long-term goals, our FMS will enable you to develop an optimal transportation plan to run your day-to-day operations more efficiently—and with better results. You'll be well-equipped to make the best resource-to-shipment assignments, adapt quickly to changes and events in real time and strengthen communication with your trading partners and customers.

This application has 2 users:

  • Administrator - who creates different logins for the users. He also creates a new vehicle, enters initial vehicle information, staff details, client information, etc.

  • General user: This will be able to track the vehicles from time to time and accept feedback from the client companies. Any requirement of the client companies are fulfilled by the user with the help of this system

IT helps company in the following issues:

  • Reduces transportation management time and costs

  • Increases profit margins and overall profitability

  • Integrates transportation procurement, planning and execution

  • Improves on-time deliveries and customer service

  • Enables wider supply visibility and maximum efficiency for competitive advantage

  • Strengthens relationships with different people

  • Vehicle Panning – which includes which vehicle or how many vehicles we need to sent for a client.

  • Vehicle Tracking - which keeps the details of each vehicle on road, the driver details, change over times, goods details in the vehicle, etc.

  • Generating invoice and bills for the clients

  • Depreciation data - There may be some depreciation of material like coal in transit. This can also store this depreciation details.

  • Staff salary calculation and payments

  • Truck maintenance information like oil change, parts, any minor or major repairs for the parts of the trucks.

  • Report generation on daily trips, drivers involved, shipment of goods, quantity, etc

Existing System:

The existing system is not computerized. All the business is note down on papers manually. To make this laborious job simple and to save unproductive time it is to be computerized.

Each and every thing should be noted down every day and need more mental effort to prepare the bills and ledgers for account settlements. The business became difficult to maintain at this level only. If the business grows to some extent, will be harder to track all the details. As a result, settlement and data maintenance lose the grip and accuracy.

Proposed System:

The first step of analysis process involves the identification of need. The success of a system depends largely on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution.

This system has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties encountered while using the manual system. Fast bill generation and settlement as well as maintaining staff, material, clients and dealers business information are motivating factors for the development of this system.

Project Scope and Objectives:

Ø  This can be treated as a product mainly used in Transport kind of business to store vehicle and its trips details, personnel (drivers, cleaners and staff) details and material details. Finally generate different kinds of reports like driver/cleaner commission, dealers and client’s bills whenever the user wants. Lot of effort was put to make it user friendly.

Ø  Optimum utilization of system is possible. All basic functionalities are provided.

Ø  Reduces the user interaction work.

Ø  The wastage of time is reduced.

Ø  It also helps in optimum distribution of funds by the management among user groups for procurement of new equipment.

Ø  More flexible, it means we can continue to use the same system even the business extends up to maximum level.

Software constraints

Operating System                 : Windows2000 Server/XP

Reports                                   : Log files

Other Applications              : James Server

Hardware Constraints

Pentium Processor                :           Intel 2.0 GHz

RAM                                        :           512MB

Hard Disk                               :           8 GB

CD/ROM Drive                       :           52 Bit

VDU                                         :           VGA

Key Board                               :           101 Standard

Click here to download Enterprise Fleet Management System source code