Energy audit processing systems

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This project titled as “ Energy audit processing systems”,which is used to calculate energy losses and profits with in a particular distributing through the lines.  

The project is aimed at developing an “auditing system” for the particular substation in the city.  In this project we can audit the loss and profit regarding a particular feeder with in a  substation by inputting the total input reading of a particular month with regarding to billed units.This system helps the substation to find out the status of the feeder and the loss percentage.This loss percentage compare with the other feeders and by auditing this percentage we can easily avoid the power  losses with in the substations.

The  system mainly concentrates on the complexity  in the auditing of energy losses and substastions also use it to maintain a database related to the total details of the feeders like feedercode,feedername,feeder capacity and input to the feeder,so that substation can easily concentrates on the areas of the city which causes high power losses.

The project is Designed and Developed in JAVA SCRIPT, DHTML as front-end and the ORACLE as back-end with the help of JAVA (JDBC and JSP) programs.


A Web page is an Internet "document" that can be accessed by Internet users with an HTML browser (such as Netscape or Microsoft). By providing the browser with a unique address, or Uniform Resource Locator (URL, variously pronounced "you-are-ell" or "earl"), you open the page with that address. Web pages commonly provide text, pictures or other graphics, and links to other pages. Newer technology also allows Web pages to provide three-dimensional images, animated images, and sound.

One of the most important factors about the Web is that it is a dynamic medium.  Designing , updating and maintaining a Web site is significantly more complicated than producing CD-ROMs  or print, because most Web data and pages change on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.  The tools used for creating and publishing sites need to squarely address the challenges of updating.  These challenges include

  • Gathering the content and maintaining version control and  access.
  • Updating graphic images and text, inserting new pages in the site.
  • Updating links on and between all pages.

The tool should let the author easily create a few pages, but it also should allow them   to create, manage, and update dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of pages.


Basically every information is related to the Substation.  Here the data is maintained in the excel sheets which makes the auditing very complex because the organization may have many branches and moving through excel sheets is very difficult for them and might be damaged some times and that may be useful any where in the  organization .  Hence we have been developing application software to store the substation details and we calculate the loss percentage and by auditing this percentage we can easily avoid power losses with in the substation.  Therefore we are makingthe information and auditing process to be computerized.  So that an organization can access the information about the substation and performs the auditing at anywhere in the organization.

Through this project we store every information about the substation in the database in terms of feeders and areas .  So that the information clearly store in database respectively.  By which we can easily understand what is the input and how the output is calculated in the Organization.

Program chosen:

This project has been developed using the traditional object oriented programming approach.  Actually this project is developed using HTML technology and JAVA which are object based, event driven programming language.  Even the basic approach has been object oriented.


Now a day’s Computers became part of our daily life.  Computers are become an essential part of organization information processing, because of the power of the technology and volume of the date to be processed. Today Computers are needed extensively in many areas like Business, Science, Education and day to day activites.

The major Advantages of Computerization.

  1. Efficiency
  2. speed
  3. permanent storage
  4. accuracy

About this Project:

The project  Energy auditing systems helps in auditing the energy losses by taking input reading of a particular month  .  How can it helps means this project in terms of Computerization stores  permanently once you enter data related to substation and feeders.  And apart from this we can also make  Speed calculations, perfectness and permanent database manual work etc.The following are various sections provided in Project.

  1. login form
  2. main form for insertion and display



The existing auditing systems are very complex.when particular substation wants to audit the feeders in the different months user has to go through different excel sheets,The existing system don’t have  database to maintain all information about feeders. The existing system maintains information in Microsoft excel sheets,acyually easy for the calculations but very difficult to retried the data according to various constraints like area wise, feeder wise and monthly wise etc.

The following are drawbacks of the system:

  1. Maintaining all the details of the system is difficult.

  2. Updating and searching the details is difficult and time consuming.

  3. Consuming a lot of space in maintaining the records of the system.

  4. since it is more of human intervention, the output of the system tends to be unbalanced.


The proposed system is designed to avoid complexity in the some aspects of the already existing system. This system is mainly desined to process the information based on the different constriants and this is useful for the substations who wants to maintain information about power losses and profits of the particular feeders. It also helps the substation to maintain the information about various months so that they can audit the data very easily. Proposed systems will reduce the maximum manual work and gives simplicity in the processing systems. The user can process the data according to his conditions differently.

Advantages of the proposed system:

ü  Easy Maintanance.

ü  We can maintain data consistency.

ü  Reduces the complexity in the information.

ü  HTML  is  platform independent.

ü  HTML  tags  are not case-sensitive.

User Interface Requirements:

The user interface is what someone actually sees when you program is running.  Every program has a use in one form or another.  A form is nothing more than a window that appears on the screen.  Every C++ program has at least one screen although most have several menu will appear in the screen.


ü  Provide Appropriate messages indicating errors or instructions

ü  Basic operations are available like adding, modifying etc

ü  Navigation simple

ü  Similar pattern of design in all screens


Designing the tables

     1 Substation table

     2 Feder table

     3Transformer table

     4Area table

2.Calculation Tables

      1.Operation  Division  input Table

      2.Operation Circle  output Table

3.Report Generation Table

     1 Month Wise Report


Hardware Requirement:

Processor                  :           Pentium 233mhz

Ram                           :           256mb

Cache Memory     :           1024kb

Monitor                     :           Vga Color

Hard Disk Drive        :           10gb

Keyboard                 :           104 Keys

Mouse                       :           Optical

Printer                        :           Deskjet 670c

Software Requirement:

Operating System       :           Windows xp.

Software                     :           J2sdk1.4.0, Apache Tomcat, 4.1, Oracle 8i

Click here to download Energy audit processing systems source code