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The World Wide Web and the Internet that empowers it are arguably the most important developments in the history of computing. These technologies have drawn all into the information age. They become integral to daily life in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Web engineering (WebE) applies “sound scientific, engineering, and management principles and disciplined and systematic approaches to the successful development, deployment and maintenance of high-quality web based systems and applications.”-defined by Murray.

Web engineering is the process that is used to create high-quality Web-Apps. WebE is not a perfect clone of software engineering, but borrows many of software engineering’s fundamental concepts and principles. WebE process emphasizes similar technical and management activities. There are subtle differences in the way these activities are conducted, but the overriding philosophy dictates a disciplined approach to the development of a computer-based system.

Computer-based system:-

1.a set or arrangement of things so related as to form a unity or organic whole

2.a set of facts, principles, rules, etc., classified and arranged in an orderly form so as to show a logical plan linking the various parts;

3.a method or plan of classification or arrangement;”

WebE applies a generic approach that is tempered with specialized strategies, tactics, and methods. The WebE process begins with a formulation of the problem to be solved by the WebApp. The WebE project is planned, and the requirements and design of the WebApp are modeled. The system is constructed using specialized technologies and tools associated with the Web. It is then delivered to the end-users and evaluating using both technical and business criteria. Because WebApps evolve continuously, assurance, and on-going support must be established.


Manufacturing concerns, trading concerns, business organizations, and other companies will ultimately seeks for certain solutions that may occur in their product advertising and their own web page development, and in some occasions they will need additional crew to solve their problems (Human resource appraisal, mail responder).

This project focus is to cover and integrate all aspects like administration, accounts creation of the new user, and accepting the advertisements, web page creation details for their personal requirement, provide the download facilities of the created templates, and also asks you to upload any certain file/template exists with you.

Goals for the System and the Product (proposed):

*      By the following the new approach the information can be accessed from any where just with a mouse click. This helps the users by saving lot of time providing the user with the up to date information.

*      The developed package should be able to create a good interface between the user and the database.

*      The package should provide different functionalities like creation of accounts when a new user have had a reference from the administrator, and custom built web pages for the user, and advertisement for their products, etc.

*      It should give the user if it all any invalid entries are made and provide feedback to the users.

*      All the transactions made should result either success of failure to provide consistency

*      It should sustain reasonable amount of network traffic and provide the user with the required information with out any delay.

Goals achieved by this project:

*      This project provides a very food user interface for the user to access information with least effort (“look and feel”).

*      The system provides various functionalities to the user for any type of details about the various types of services and resources.

*      Since the information is available on the server at any point of time and from any department updated information will be provided (“that is, 24x7”).


Admin module: Admin modules cover functionalities related to manage the tool like user creation, sending invitations to user referrals, composing & sending messages to customers or crew members and reading messages from crew members and customers, rating crew members based on number of hits on the web pages created by them. An administrator can create another administrator. System allows all users to change their own password.

Templates module: Templates modules provides functionalities like adding new templates, selecting from available templates and assigning it to crew member for designing as well. Based on the page hits on his templates, admin will give appraisal.

Customer management module: This module provides functionalities related to customers like allowing users to register themselves and choose available templates from template zone and select one. It allows customers as well as other users to change their password. Also customers can view crew members and their ratings.

Crew management module: This module provides details of crew members. It allows admin users to add or delete crew members and rate crew members. It covers adding crew members, deletion of existing crew members, assigning crew members to templates selected by users. It allows crew to select template and make payment through online it self.

We have identified the following categories of users.

  1. Admin
    1. Can create another administrator
    2. Can add crew members
    3. Can view crew member details
    4. Can delete a crew member
    5. Can send invitations
    6. Can do cleaning
    7. Can send/receive messages.
    8. Can add templates
    9. Can assign templates to crew members
    10. Can upload required files
  1. Crew
    1. Can change their password
    2. Can view assigned templates to them
    3. Can send/receive messages
    4. Can view templates
    5. Can upload files
    6. Can view their rating
  1. Customer
    1. Can view templates
    2. Can select a template and block it by making payments
    3. Can send/receive messages
    4. Can upload files
    5. Can view his page
    6. Can send invitations

Design goals- the following are the design goals that are applicable to virtually every WebApp regardless of application domain, size, or complexity.




4.Visual appeal


Hard Ware requirements:

1.      Intel Pentium processor family with a speed of 800 MHz.

2.      256 MB RAM

3.      20 GB above hard disk as per the requirements of the org

Soft ware requirements:

1.      Windows NT or above are required as operating system

2.      Tomcat-5.0/Bea web logic-8.0  web server

3.      Oracle 8.0 or above.

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