E-Post Office

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The e-Post Office is the shopping portal of the world-renowned postal service on the Internet and an additional distribution channel. It sells Stamps, Postcards, Packets, and Cartons and has services like courier, registering for electricity vendors, selling mobile cards, etc.  Under this website many products and services can be ordered, that are also available in a "normal" branch.  The product prices are identical with the prices of their normal branches. 

The e-Post Office is expanded permanently through new products and services in order to offer a product portfolio corresponding to the market.  Private customer and business customers can order the selected products of the postal service online quickly and comfortably.  Besides this, the e-Services offer new flexibility through e-Packet, the PICKUP order for packages over the Internet as well as the online forwarding order and storage order.  For the case of the absence or the move, one can let delegate here the after shipment of the postal service at another address or store the letter shipments.  The customers can register themselves and can be served individually.

Target groups of customer of the e-Post Office are predominantly little and middle-class business. The customers can have a payment alternative through credit card.  In order to use the load writing procedure, the customer registers itself in the e-Post Office and receives a login for its purchases name. You have to develop this website, which captures the above functionality. It is an Internet application.

Users of the system: Customer is the user of the system. An administrator of the website is the super user. When the user types in the URL of the website, a Welcome page is shown which has a menu on the left hand side, a banner at the top and any related links to other sites. This site contains an online catalog for the user. User has to login to Welcome Page before ordering anything. Login functionality should check the authenticity of the user from the database.

Functional components of the project: Following is a list of functionality of the system:

·         Registration Screen: If the user is not registered, then registration screen should be available

·         Stamps and Bulk Stamps Order: This screen will show all the types of Stamps with their values and minimum quantity that should be ordered. If possible, provide the image of each of the stamp types. On selecting any one of the Stamp type, user is shown the columns for the quantity to be entered. After entering the quantity, price is automatically set by the system based on the product price data. On adding to catalog, kindly check the inventory and take appropriate action.

·         Letter Order: This Screen will show different types of letter, which can be ordered, online. Provide an image for each type of letter. On selecting any one of the Letter type, user is shown the columns for the quantity to be entered.. After entering the quantity, price is automatically set by the system based on the product price data. On adding to catalog, kindly check the inventory and take appropriate action.

·         Catalog Information: This screen contains the information about the orders for the user. It gives total value of the order together with individual items ordered. On ordering, the validation about user’s credit is made. Credit information can be kept in the database for the sake of simplicity. Once the order is accepted, inventory is updated and shipment entry is made in the database. Once the shipment is done, shipment status is updated.

·         Terms and Conditions – A Brief text on the website explaining terms and conditions and printable copy of it.

Contact Information – Contact information regarding the office addresses with phones and faxes are provided on this screen

Existing System:

The Post Office needs to sell Stamps, Postcards & Envelopes to customer living in any part of the world. The website will show all products in categorized manner. Customer can browse any product for its price and other details and can order the product. Orders needs to accompany with shipping & billing details. Customer has to pay order amount online through credit cards. Products can be managed by operators from admin panel. Operator can be created by admin. Admin can keep track of orders through admin panel.

The main purpose of the system is to enable customers to browse and order from any part of the world and hence increasing business scope.


·         The existing system is manual system. Needs to be converted into automated system.

·         Risk of mismanagement of data.

·         Less Security.

·         No proper coordination between different Applications and Users.

·         Fewer Users - Friendly.

·         Accuracy not guaranteed.

·         Not in reach of distant users.

Proposed system:

The development of the new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the database integration approach.

1.   User friendliness is provided in the application with various controls.

2.   The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible.

3.   There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process.

4.   It provides high level of security with different level of authentication.

5.   Users from any part of the world can make use of the system.

6.   New system will process accurate results.

7.   New system will be much better in performance as compared to existing one.


The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:

This project is divided into 9 modules:

1. Registration Module

2. Products Browse Module

3. Products Search Module

4. Shopping cart Module

5. Shipping & Billing Module

6. Payment Module

7. Admin User Management Module

8. Admin Catalog Management Module

9. Admin Order Management Module.



  • PIV 2.8 GHz Processor and Above
  • RAM 512MB and Above
  • HDD 20 GB Hard Disk Space and Above


  • WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 200 Server / 2003 Server)
  • Visual Studio .Net 2008 Enterprise Edition
  • Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)                          
  • SQL Server 2005 or later

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