District Collector Management System

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The tasks of a district collector are becoming more tedious because of the growing number of people applying for everything to the collectorate office. The collector is the highest responsible officer who has to take care of everything in his district. As such, a software to assist his duties and automates most of the tasks of collectorate is highly appreciated. District collectorate management system is one such website which helps to improve the productivity of district collector’s office people but also it helps the citizens to understand the status of their jobs pending the office.

Types of users:

1)      The administrator who is either the collector directly himself or the management staff at his office who takes decisions on various tasks whether to issue them or not.

2)      The users who have applied for some certificates or projects on which the decisions to be taken by the collectorate. The users can monitor the status from time to time the proceedings in his/her task.

3)      Police persons who have to visit the users who applied for a passport, verify their address and other history and submit a report to the collectorate.

Tasks handled by this system:

1.      Issue of various certificates to the applicants.

2.      Issue of passports.

3.      Verification of details of person who applied for passport.

4.      Placing the tenders’ information.

5.      Allotment of tenders to eligible people.

Existing system

The present collectorate system is operating their transactions manually for entering the applicant data regarding any certificate, passing the file to higher authority, verifying the applicant details, approve the certificate.  As and when a applicant wants to know the status of the certificate to which he has applied then he needs to come to collectorate and check the status manually which is a time waste process. Maintaining all the applicant details, their address details, certificate details etc manually are a tedious process. It does n’t provide proper security also.

If an applicant applies for a passport then the collectorate has to enter the applicant details in the database and assign it appropriate police station for further verification. Immediately the responsible police station has to verify the candidate details and send the feedback to collectorate then the passport will be issued to the candidate from collectorate through post.

For completing works in the district the collectorate has to announce the contract work details manually to all the registered contractors for accepting the tenders from the contractors. After accepting the tenders from the contracts the collectorate has to decide to which contractor we have to allot this work based on the amount they have quoted and the no of the days they have quoted to complete the work.

Limitations of the existing system

The existing system employs a lot of man-hours both for preparing the entering the data, accepting the tenders, checking the details and announcing the status.

This time consuming evaluation coupled by the huge manpower requirement may also lead to erroneous results.  To maintain the personal details of the candidate in a file manually may result in some loss of data and difficulty to store. 

An employee of the collectorate has to enter the applicant data and move the file to the responsible authority manually is a time taking process. Meanwhile if the applicant wants to know the status of his file then he needs to come to the come to collectorate office manually and ask the collectorate staff.

The drawbacks in the existing system are as follows:

  • More paper work
  • Loss in Data
  • Less Security
  • Time Delay
  • More Clerical Work
  • Human Fatigue
  • Fear of environment
  • Chance for errors
  • Delay of results

Proposed? System

The proposed system will be developed on client/server architecture. The user can logon to the internet and view the collectorate from anywhere.

On applying, each applicant is assigned a unique id and a password. The user can logon to the server with his Id and check the status of his file. All the applicant files are stored at a centralized database. Files can also move from desk to another very easily. After completion of the verification, the certificate status will be updated so that the applicant get the status from

online. It can also store work details, registered contractors details, tenders and their final allotment details at a centralized location with proper security. The system also generates a list of contractors and allows the collectorate to decide about to whom the current work has to be allotted very easily.

The system also allows the passport applicant candidate to check the current status of the passport which includes police enquiry, verification and delivery. One department can move the file to another department and update the status in the previous department.

The objectives of the system are as follows:

1.       The applicant has to enter the applicant details for applying the certificate.

2.       Provide an efficient mechanism to move the files from one department to another very easily. The department person needs to update the current status of the file.

3.       All the details needs to be maintained in the database.

4.       Only the authorized person can approve the file and store the details inside the database.

5.       All the tenders are to be accepted from the registered contractors for a specific work between specific dates and show all the tenders in a tabular format

6.       The time limit will be maintained.

7.       Reports will be generated as and when needed.

Merits of the Proposed System

Automate all collectorate transactions

Reduce Paper Work

Immediate Accessing of Details

High Security

Providing Accurate Information

Providing Overall Reliability

Easy to use, effective and efficient

Hardware specifications

Processor                                 :          P IV 1.7 GHz

Memory                                       :          256 Mb RAM

Hard Disk Capacity                :          40Gb

Floppy Disk Capacity             :          1.44Mb

Display Card                             :          SVGA

Software specifications

Operating System                  :           Windows 2000

Web Application Tools          :           JavaScript, JSP,Apache Tomcat 5.0.25

Internet Tools             :           Microsoft FrontPage Express

Browsers                                 :           Internet Explorer 6.0

Back End                               :           Oracle8i                                           

Documentation                      :           Ms Word 2000 

Click here to download District Collector Management System source code