Data Security Using Images

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The main objective of the project entitled ” Steganography “ is to provide security for a text file.

The objectives of data security are to prevent eavesdropping to get access of data and in case is stolen, make it difficult to understand the stolen data. These objectives are met through different approaches of data security

Steganographic techniques are useful to convey hidden information by using various types of typically transmitted text data as cover for concealed communication. Steganography is a data-hiding/hidden-communication method that uses digital imagery as a cover signal.

The present project deals with design and Implementation of Data Security over corporate network using IDEA algorithm for image encryption with cryptography. The image encryption is incorporated into the compression algorithm for transmission over a data network

Cryptography is a method of mathematical encoding used to transform messages into an unreadable format in and effort to maintain confidentiality of data.

In corporate network of clients/server need to interact with each other and parallel maintain the confidentially of data. Before transmission of the encrypts it using the IDEA algorithm and is then sent on the network. The receiver before reading the file needs to decrypt   it using the same algorithm to get the actual data. The keys needed to encrypt/decrypt data are pre-known to specific sender and receiver.

Purpose of the System:  

The development of the project Steganography is based on cryptographic features to the TEXT file data and also provides compression /decompression features. Steganography is a Component suite that can be used as a component in any application to provide the security to the text file. Steganography provides several functions.

ü  It will take the TEXT file and secret key as input and gives the Encrypted and Bmp image file as output based on the user selection of algorithms..

ü  It will take the Encrypted key and Bmp file as input and will give decrypted and TEXT file

Scope of the SYSTEM:

This project is limited to encryption/decryption only. It can be used as a component in another application.


The present system consist no security features to the TEXT file data. In the existing system the text file data is sending in the network channels without encrypting the file data.


Ø  There is no confidentiality to TEXT file data in transmission of the file in the networks.

Ø  There is no authentication to the TEXT file.

Ø  The intruders may attack the TEXT file.

Ø  Lake of Integrity, Access Control and Availability.

Ø  It will take more space in the transmission of the TEXT file.



The proposed system is based on cryptography features to the TEXT file. The TEXT file selected is converted into bitmap image file using algorithms. The proposed system takes TEXT file and Encryption key as input and gives encrypted Bmp file based on the selection of specified algorithm techniques. This system provides security services and the conversion to the TEXT file.


Ø  This system provides security service like Confidentiality.

Ø  The system provides compression to the TEXT file.

Ø  The system maintains same format after providing security features.

The system performs its operations in the fallowing conditions:

Operating system        :  Windows XP / 2000

Main memory              :  512 MB

Secondary memory     :  25 MB for program

Software                     :  JDK 1.6

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