Data Migration Tool Kit

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Over the last decade, most organizations have bought and developed a substantial portfolio of applications that continue to grow in both their number and sophistication. This is creating a sizable challenge for the IT professionals who support those applications. Typically, much of the data needed by a particular application is stored in databases running on other servers.

It is often impractical or simply too expensive to obtain a particular piece of data from a host system at the actual moment that an application needs it. Most of the software that enables such “just in time” transfers. For Example the IBM’s distributed data access software—is quite costly and can impose performance penalties on both the requesting and source applications. As such, the best alternative in most cases is to extract data from the source application, reformat it as necessary, and make it available to the requesting application before it actually needs it.


Data Migration Tool Kit or Data Transformation Services (DTS) is a very powerful yet easy to use data movement facility that can transfer data. It enables data movement between data sources (Access, Oracle, SQL server). The database administrators and application developers can benefit significantly from Data Transformation Services by understanding what it has to offer them, particularly while working with High level databases (Oracle, SQL Server).

DTS is an innovative database migration product that easily converts data from one database to another. Migration toolkit automates the entire migration process of converting data, database objects. Manually converting data from one database to another is risky and it takes long period of time. So, by using this DTS toolkit we convert the tables from one database to another with less time, more accuracy and error free.

Due to some disadvantages with some databases, For example, we want to   convert data from Access to other database like Oracle. In this project, we are going to develop a toolkit, which convert the data from Source database to target database (Access, Oracle, SQL etc) using .net language.


Technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds as the days go by and computers are in a certain position to overtake from the manual labour in diverse fields ranging from mechanized applications to Intelligent Thinking Systems. In this computer age, handling large and voluminous amounts of data is not a feasible solution neither is it an efficient investment. Many existing Firms employ manual labour for transferring large files and huge amounts of data between two databases utilizing a particular scheme. This eventually raises a spark in the mind that if ever there exists a service that is going to perform the difficult and time consuming task of moving the data between two databases well Data Transformation services is just that.

Data Transformation services is an innovative database migration product that easily converts data from one database to another. This service automates the entire migration process of converting data, database objects and constraints.  Manually converting data from one database to another is risky and it takes long period of time. So, by using this migration toolkit we convert the tables from one database to another with less time, more accuracy and error free. 

The main reason that can be attributed for the manual labour is that either due to insufficient investments as the existing migration services is a lot costlier and so on. Data Transformation services is a freeware application that can be said to be a boon for the firms which cannot afford to buy a Migration tool. Another Important feature of this service is that it provides the scope for handling multiple Databases in migrating data in both ways that is bi directional data transfer.

The scope of the project is the Development of a Toolkit which supports the data transfer from one Database to the other database.  The scope of the project lies in the development of the kit for the transfer of data between any   two databases. Data Transformation services automates the entire migration process converting data, database objects and constraints from Source data base to target database and vice versa. This Migration Tool Kit is mainly used when dealing with large volumes of data.

This project is divided into 6 modules:

·         Handling data from Access to Oracle:            

·         Handling data from Oracle to Access:

·         Handling data from Oracle to SQL Server

·         Handling data form SQL Server to Oracle

·         Handling data from SQL Server to Access

·         Handling data from Access to SQL Server

Proposed System

General Description:

The proposed system provides a fully structured but skill versatile automated data migration process.  It has full control of source and target data.  It provides a high quality data with no data loss.  The system will be consistent, accurate and cost effective.  It provides efficient utilization of available resources.  It supports partial or incremental migration.  It also supports for multiple runtime environment.

·         The System eliminates all the error prone packages of the earlier migration services.

·         It provides an online migration process

·         The online migration process saves time because one need not have to download the entire application to transform the data.

·         It provides the scope for migrating data between multiple databases.

·         It also transforms the data bi-directionally which a lot of existing tools cannot provide.

·         It can transform Lob’s, binary formatted text, Ole Object’s etc.

Purpose of the System:

The objective of proposed system is to migrate the data between the source database and the target database. The system should keep track of feedback from the user and should view the program undertaken by the system.

The proposed system must allow the user to select the service.  It   would provide the facilities for the following module.

Ø  Access and Oracle migration

Ø  Oracle and SQL Server migration

Ø  SQL Server and Access migration

Current System

At present the database tables are carried out manually.  We can create the database tables manually means it has a long period of time.  The organization should be fast with well-visualized future plans.  The volumes of data to handle are increasing constantly.  It is also necessary to speed the processing of database tables. And if at all there is a service to migrate the data it is only one way of migrating to the data

Limitations of the Manual system

·         It is time consuming

·         It leads to error prone results

·         It consumes lot of manpower to better results

·         It lacks of data security

·         Retrieval of data takes lot of time

·         Percentage of accuracy is less

·         Reports take time to produce

·          Limitations of the One way migration system

·         The source and the target database will be fixed

·         If there is a need to transfer the data to another database basing on the requirement then that software must be available.


§  PIII   500MHZ or above

§  512MB RAM or above

§  20 GB Hard disk space.

§  Network interface card or Modem (For Remote Sources)

§  LAN Network (For Remote Sources)


§  WINDOWS 2003 | 2000 | XP

§  Visual Studio .Net 2005 Enterprise Edition

§  Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) 

§  Any Oracle version, SQL Server, MS Access

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