Data Centric Knowledge Management System

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About project:

This intranet application has been developed to be implemented in place of existing manual system. This application provides effective knowledge sharing mechanism in between the employees of our company and retains the present functionality available in the current system. The specific purpose of this system is to store and process information about different documents, status, ratings at different stages and generates the reports as and when required. The administrator is responsible for maintenance of this system. Based on the Type of user category of the user i.e. administrator, reviewer, K-Team Member or K-User, the various parts of the system are made available.

Existing System:

Here in the existing system, the company maintains all the knowledge based documents in a separate system which will be accessible for all employees through LAN and they can post their new documents into this and access the earlier documents. Searching for related documents based on author, technology etc is a time taking process. Managing the documents category wise and restrict them not to be accessible based on the user type becomes complicated. This system doesn’t restrict unnecessary documents to be posted.


Ø  Difficulty in maintaining security levels for the documents.

Ø  Difficulty in browsing, navigating and searching for required document.

Ø  Difficulty in giving ratings for the documents.

Ø  Availability of information in this manner is subjected to damage.

Ø  Difficulty in restricting the employees not to update the documents

One way to overcome all these difficulties is so store all the information in the computer.  The computerization helps the us.


The proposed system is fully computerized, which removes all the drawbacks of existing system. In the proposed system, it allows different employees of the company to upload their knowledge document into this system which will be verified by next level users to avoid unnecessary documents. Also it allows them to search for knowledge assets very easily when in need. It provides a facility for the employees to register themselves as ‘experts’ as well as search for other ‘experts’ incase of any problem/requirement in their project. It provides a facility for the evaluator to rate the documents posted by the employees.


Ø  It provides a facility a to share knowledge documents across the company

Ø  It allows the employees to upload and download the documents from their systems

Ø  Easy in browsing, navigating and searching for required documents

Ø  Provides a facility to restrict the unnecessary documents to be posted

Ø  Provides flexible way in generating different reports

Ø  By the following the new approach the information can be accessed from any where just with a mouse click. This helps the users by saving lot of time providing the user with the up to date information Centralized database helps in avoiding conflicts

Ø  This project provides a rich user interface for the user to access information with least effort (“look and feel”).

Module description :

We have identified the following modules:

Admin Module: This module provides interface to administrator to manage (add /delete) the employees and view the list of currently available employees. It allows admin to create logins for different employees and assign different roles while creation. My Submissions option in this module displays the list of documents submitted by administrator and allows downloading those documents. K-Team for initial screening of documents and assigns evaluators to rate the documents. It allows to change the password information.

K-Bank Module:       This module allows different users (generally K-Users nothing employees) to submit the document by entering the details like Title, Author, date of creation, content type, keywords, technology, reference, target users, description and provides a facility to upload a document. It also allows the users to search for a document based on author, keywords or technology and download that download. It allows K-team member to manage the reviewers list. It allows to register an expert by entering the details like Name, EmailID, Primary Skills, Secondary Skills, Experience, Current project, Previous project, Phone number etc) and provides a facility to search for an expert based on email ID or  Primary Skills or Secondary skills or expert ID.

Evaluation Module: This module allows K-Team Members to the list of documents submitted by different employees and provides a facility to evaluate in the initial screening phase and  changing the document status to K-Team or reject the document here itself and allows to assign this document to a reviewer by changing the document status to In-review. It allows Reviewer to view the list of documents forwarded from K-Team members and assigned to this person. It provides a facility evaluate the document technically and finally publish or reject the document. It makes the published documents to be available for all the employees. It allows to rate the document at different levels by different users.

Reporting Module: This module is responsible in generating various reports.

  • My Submissions report – It displays the list of documents submitted by this user.
  • Monthly Submissions report – It displays the list of documents submitted by all the users in a month
  • Monthly Rejections report - It displays the list of documents rejected in a month.
  • Ratings report – It allows administrator to view the ratings report of the documents.
  • Status Document report – It allows administrator to view the status of all documents.

software Requirements Specifications:

OPERATING SYSTEM        :           WIN 98/2000/XP.

DATA BASE                         :           MYSQL 5.0

SOFTWARE                          :           APACHE TOMCAT 5.0

LANGUAGE                         :           JAVA


WEB COMPONENTS           :           JSP

Hardware Requirements Specifications

PROCESSOR                         :           Pentium-IV

PROCESSOR SPEED           :           2.4GHZ

MONITOR                             :           COLOR MONITOR

HARD DISK                          :           80GB

RAM                                       :           512MB

MOUSE                                  :           SCROLLING MOUSE

KEY BOARD                        :           MM KEY BOARD

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