Cyber Shopping Window

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   Today world is growing very rapidly. The cost of living of average people is increasing very rapidly. Corporate people are ready catch  people interest. Especially in shopping malls provide different offers to their customers. This project mainly  used  to provide automation to shopping mall. In this user has to get card from the shopping mall. User has to  do all his transactions to that card. In olden days there is no card based transactions in the market. In this user get some points when he make any transactions in the mall at certain level and these points may turned out to be money.

   This project mainly card based transactions to the customer who wants to purchase any products from shopping mall. In this customer must have the awareness of basic functionalities of  the card while he has to use.

In the same way for employee of shopping mall.

The entire system is divided into 3 major modules

  1.  Admin
  2.  Employee
  3.  Customer

Admin Module :

    Admin who has to create roles in the organization. Apart from this he create customers as well as employees.

Employee Module :

      In this module employee mainly focus on providing cards to users. And  then he can add products categories , generate invoice to the customers.

Customer  Module :

    Customer is only responsible for making shopping  and he may verify his points with customer  in the organization.

Existing System

    There is no card based transactions in shopping malls. In previous only manual transactions. Due to this there may be a chance of mistakes by the employees in the organization. Due to point based system user may feel there is  a extra benefit to them.

Proposed system

  Objectives Of the Proposed System

  1. To generate the quick reports
  2. To provide medical services to the patients located in non rural areas
  3. To provide prime mandatory to patient.
  4. To reduce the disc ease strength level in primary case.
  5. To reduce medical expenses.

    After understanding the existing system and understanding the need for developing a new system different people involved in the related activities have been consulted. The data needed for the study has been collected from company records.

    The computerization of this system would avoid the wrong interpretation and bad calculation of data .The system help the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The record data is maintained and backed up such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increased.




RDBMS                                  :           SQLSERVER 2000

SOFTWARE                          :           VS.NET 2003

FRONT END TOOL              :           ASP.NET


RAM                                       :           128MB

HARD DISK                          :           MINIMUM 20 GB

Click here to download Cyber Shopping Window source code