Courier Service Automation System

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The actual problem is to maintain different database for an courier company whose main purpose is to provide parcel services for their customers  for different places, and maintain details of all the transactions, employees and address details.

In the manual system it is difficult to maintain data and generating different reports according to requesting transaction. In the present courier system always they have to take source as well as destination information which contains address details, parcel contents details and payment details. After delivering parcels as a company they have to maintain acknowledgment details.

By keeping all the above activities we are developing a system named as “Courier Service Automation System”. In this automation system we are maintaining company as well as customer details related to courier service, employee details and payment details.

Module description:

The courier system is mainly divided into two modules

·        Administrator

·        Employee

Administrator :

The administrator is the main actor of the system. The administrator will be responsible for recruiting the employees for the organization, so the administrator will be having the privileges to create the new employee for the organization and this will be do some transactions for the system, to provide services to different customers the organization will has to extend their services to different places, for this they have to create new sources according to their requirement so the administrator will also be responsible for creating new sources and their address details with the distance between the source and the destination.


The employee is the main responsible person for doing the transaction for the system. The employee will accept all the details necessary details from the customer like his name, address, phone number, and details about the destination address like receiver name, address, phone number and also acquires details like the type of item that is going to be couriered and its cost and the quantity that it contains. By accepting all these details he will perform the actual transaction and generate the bill for the customer.

Module Connectivity:

The courier system contains two modules . Again in administrator module we have four sub modules like:-

·        Employee registration

·        Source Creation

·        Address Details

·        Reports.

The administrator will create some sources (places) to which the company will be going to enhance their courier services. Now,only after creating the sources in the source module, then only even the administrator can create or assign the address details for the registered sources as well as their address and the distance between the source and the destination.

The main purpose of employee module is to perform the actual courier transaction service for various customer at various places. The registered employee will perform some service transactions at their customers by selecting the valid source and destination details. Also by entering the sender and receiver details as well as the particulars of the item the customer is going to dispatch by selecting the quantity of that item.

There after by accepting all these particulars, the courier system will automatically selects the distance between the source and destination stations, and automatically perform some validation and generates the bill for the customer.

The reports module will contain all reports of the administrator as well as the employee-transaction module.

The employee report will contain all the details of the employees working for the organization along with their personal details.

The source report will contain the particulars of all the sources details i.e the dispatching units where the company is going to provide service for their customers.

The transaction reports are of two types

·        All day transactions report

·        Date wise transactions report

The day report will contain all the transactions of the company that they were performing all through their period.

The date wise report will contain all the transactions of the company for a particular day, i.e we select a particular day of transaction, then all the transactions done by all the employees for different places at their customers will be displayed.

 Hardware Requirements:

The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. In the selection of hardware, the size and the capacity requirements are also important.

The Web Based Manufacturing System can be efficiently run on Pentium system with at least 128 MB RAM and Hard disk drive having 20 GB. Floppy disk drive of 1.44 MB and 14 inch Samsung color monitor suits the information system operation.(A Printer is required for hard copy output).

·        Pentium processor       --------              233 MHZ or above

·        RAM Capacity            --------              128MB

·        Hard Disk                   --------              20GB

·        Floppy disk                 --------              1.44 MB

·        CD-ROM Drive          --------              32 HZ

·        KEYBOARD              --------             108 Standard

 Software Requirements:

One of the most difficult tasks is that, the selection of the software, once system requirement is known is determining whether a particular software package fits the requirements. After initial selection further security is needed to determine the desirability of particular software compared with other candidates. This section first summarizes the application requirement question and then suggests more detailed comparisons.



Processor           :            Intel Pentium III or Above

Ram                            :            256 MB or more

Cache                  :           512 KB

Hard disk           :           16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partition.                               


Operating system                :     Windows XP or later

Front End Software               :       ASP.NET (C# .NET)

Back End Software              :      SQL Server 2005

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