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The Communication Media is applicable to this fast growing world where every qualified person is in urgent need of job, they join places, working at odd times The organization have shift systems and it becomes difficult for an employee of one shift to communicate with another employee on a different shift. In these circumstances the Communication Media proves its worth, if the organization has an Intranet Mailing facility available to all its employees then each employee can register himself and send mails to any other registered employee and thus making the communication easier No necessity of paying money for the mailing facility (i.e. free of cost).

The mails that the employees send reach the destination with less time than Internet. Although the Communication Media works in a similar fashion as that of an Intranet Mailing System, there is no need to get an Internet connection for our mailing system. The various branches of the organization can be connected to a single host server and then an employee of within organization can only use this facility. In one branch can send a message to an- employee of another branch through the server.

Existing System:

Presenting Communication Media is manually providing services to employees of departments of an Organization. Employees have to go departments to know some particular information. Sometimes information is passed by manually between departments. This manual system will take time to pass the information and sometimes it causes lost of information also. This causes lost of employee time also.

Proposed System:

Now a day the organizations are growing fastly and are increasing in size also. So there organizations are divided into departments. In the fast growing world the information is need as fast as possible. This can be accomplished by passing the information quickly. Quick passing of mails is not possible in load manual systems. Because in manual systems the mails are passed through persons from one department to another. But it takes mush time and risk also. This leads the inconsistency of information. So we need a system, which is both quick and accurate. This can be achieved by mailing system.

Electronic mailing system sends the mails spontaneously with out requiring the parties be available at the same instant. Furthermore mails can be sending more people at the same time. It also leaves a written copy of the sending mails that can filed away. It much cheaper than the manual system. Although electronic mail can be viewed as just a special case of the file transfer. The ultimate senders and receivers are always people, not Machines. This fact has resulted in electronic mail systems being constructed as two distinct, but closer related parts: One providing for the human interface composition, editing and reading mail and one for transforming mail i.e. means managing mailing lists and providing notification delivery.

Communication Media Description

This project deals with the Mailing System. This project is having different modules like new User creation form named it as a Sign-Up form and already existing user can logged into the Mailing System named it as a Sign In form.

Communication Media(or Internet Mailing System) which has been privatized and is existing in different forms like Hotmail. Free mail. Cyber mail, Mainly The project will give the easy way to create a new account and sending mails with free of cost. This was submitted with two modules given below

1.      Sign-Up Option

2.      Sign In Option

Sign-Up Option: This module deals with the sign up process. This module is having the facilities for creating new account. in this Intranet Mailing System. Clicking signup option provides this feature and it displays fill up form.

In Fill up form the new user can fill all the details of the new user. This form will take all the details about the user. This will loads the information like Username, User Password. Confirms Password, the Age of the user, Sex, in which city user is living, the state belongs to the user, City, Pin code, and Nation. This form contains some optional fields and some or compulsory fields.

After entering the details in to the form the user can select the option provided on the fill up form. The option is Register. When user clicked on the 'Register' button first Mailing System checks whether the user name already existed or not. If the user name is already present in the database system the corresponding dialog box will be given to the user and this process will be repeated until the user is entered new username which is not existing on the database. If not it will checks further fields. If any one or more than one compulsory field is empty it gives the message to the user that the corresponding field is empty. If he enters values in all compulsory fields then the mailing system checks whether the user is entered the same values in the fields User Password and Confirm Password. If he entered same values the form will be submitted otherwise the system will gives the corresponding alert message to the user.

Sign in Option: If the user is already contains an account in this system, this form permit to enter in to this mailing system. Now he can use all the facilities provided by this Mailing System. A valid accountant can access these facilities by entering the two options provided by the logging screen, if not he can create the new* user account by using the facility of the Sign In form.

By entering the Username and Password of the user presses the Sign in button. If the username & password are correct then system gives the permission to logon in to the Mailing system. This checking at the database side is compulsory for the purpose of authentication. Only a valid user can access the facilities provided by this present Intranet Mailing System. In this fashion this form is providing some sort of security.

If the Username & Password are valid, now the user is successful enough to logging on to the system, two frames are displayed. Left-hand side frame displays the user menu and the right hand side menu displays the information about how many mails he received. By clicking this the user Inbox will be displayed.

User Menu: Provides a way to give any commands to the mail server the options include in the menu are

1.    Compose

2.     Inbox

3.     Sent Messages

4.     Addresses

5.     Options

6.     Logout

Compose Screen: This screen is obtained when the user selects the compose option from the mail folder. The fields in this screen are:

To: Here the primary receiver's address is to be entered

Subject: Here the primary receiver's address is to be entered.

CC: Here the address of the receiver is typed where the same copy of the mail has to be sending.

BCC: Here the address of the receiver is typed where the same copy of the mail has to be sending and receiver can receive only one copy separately It won't show all the different addresses

Mail text to be Sent: This is the text area where the actual mail data has to be sent.

Send:   This is a button, used to send the mail

Inbox: If the user selects this option on the user menu the corresponding inbox of the user will be displayed. To read the different mails one option is provided as a subject By clicking on the subject place the corresponding mail will be displayed.

Sent Messages: Using these options the user can selects different messages which are all ready sanded earlier. This is for the purpose of to know which message is sanded to whom.

Addresses: By clicking this option one more screen will be displayed on the right hand side of the frame that screen is Address screen This screen can be used to create to .add new addresses to the database system. Here various listings of addresses with the name and there nick name. Here we have various options.

Delete: Can be selected to delete the current address.

Add:    It will generate a new form to add a new address to the list with name of the address holder and the nickname. After clicking this Add option provided on the Address Screen one more form will be displayed having following options

Name: Here name of the address holder is to be entered.

Nick Name: Here nickname of the address holder is to be entered.

MailId: Here Mailed of the address holder is to be entered.

Address: Here the actual address that is to be stored is entered. Add: When clicked add button this address adds to the current screen.

Options: By selecting options menu one more screen will be displayed, the screen in Change Password Screen. It contains following providers'

Old Password Here the old password has to be typed, it is useful to check whether the user is an authenticated user to change the password.

Change Password: Here the new password that is to be replaced with the old password is entered.

Confirm: Here the user has to enter the same password that is entered in the New field to confirm the change of password.

Change: This button is to be clicked to actually change the old password to the new password.

Logout: By clicking this option the login session of the user will expire. If u want  to reenter in to the site one more option is to be provided, if u want sign out completely one more option is provided to sign out completely that is to logout the use completely from the site


The user of Communication Media is given a unique login id and must give the correct password. It gives total security for us. So unauthorized user can't allow to see our messages. Even if the user forgets his/her password reminding facility by which the user can recollect the password and log into the system.

The advantage of the this system is it's security feature allowing only registered users to access the system and preventing any hackers, unauthorized users.

Hardware Requirements:

Processor                     :           Celeron 1.7 GHz based micro processor or above.

Hard Disk                   :           20 GB or above

RAM                           :           256 MB or above

Software Requirements:

Operating System       :           Windows 2000 Professional

Languages                   :  with

Back End                    :           SQL SERVER 

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