College Management System

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This Project is basically aimed in providing latest technologies & trends to the College sector service, so that college can store there student’s records like details of student , attendance & semester marks which can be  viewed  by  Administrator It is a comprehensive student information management system developed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of independent Colleges as they guide their students to success. The Education Edge integrated information management system connects operations in the College environment Admissions and Registration, Marks Reports, Attendence Reports, Cource Details , Semister details. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the College.

Existing System

Manual Process of this requires a lot many of records to maintain. College authorities need to take care to store each and every student details and also there examination details .Manual process requires man power. Existing System is manual process .Data Security is not provided in this system. Integrating data is also a problem in this system .It is not User friendly system.

Proposed System:

Proposed system is web application. In this application student details are maintained efficiently admin has a facility to view the student details, edit the details .semester details and marks details are also maintained in this system. This has an enhanced facility. It is a fast, affordable, low-risk solution with easy implementation and lower maintenance and operational costs.


This Project contains the following Modules

·         Admin Module

·         Authentication

·         Search

·         Reports 

Module Description

Admin Module:

Admin is the Super User of the system who maintains the details of the system. Admin Module contains the following sub modules: Course Details, Branch Details, Semester Details, Subject Details, Student Registration, Student Attendance, Student Marks, Student Update Marks, Student Details Update,

Authentication Module:

This module contains all the information about the authenticated users. User without his username and password can’t enter into the login if he is only the authenticated user then he can enter to his login and then he will have authorization based upon their roles.


Different search facilities are provided to Admin and students in this system. Normally search can be done on different criteria. For that purpose the system is having search capabilities like Simple Search, Category wise Search.


Different types of reports can be generated by the Admin on the student details. The details can include Course Details, Branch Details, Semester Details, Subject Details, Student Registration, Student Attendance, and Student Marks

Hardware Requirements:

            Processor                                Pentium-IV     

            Ram                                        1 GB

            HDD                                        20 GB

Software Requirements:

           Operating System                    Windows XP Professional

            Platform                                  Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

            Languages                             C#.Net,Asp.Net

            Data Base                               sql server 2005/08.

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