Cast Your Referendum

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         The objective of the project is to develop a system that enables election     commission of India to conduct online elections. The purpose is to design a system that automates all the processes and activities related to elections. The system provides appropriate facilities for all the participating entities.


Existing system:

         In the present scenario, the election process is conducted using conventional procedures. Election commission officials announce a particular date for elections. Candidates file their nominations, which are scrutinized by officials. Voters register their details with authorities. On the polling day, voters cast their vote at the polling centers. Counting of votes is done and results arev announced. All these activities involve a number of officials and the process is time consuming.


Proposed system:

         The proposed system is a web based application, which allows online polling. The system allows registration of voters and allows candidates to do online canvassing. All the processes are automated and the elections can be conducted more efficiently and effectively. The system provides a number of interfaces for this purpose. Time and effort are drastically reduced.



The system is proposed to have the following modules:

    Authentication and Security Module, Political parties Module, Member Assets Module, Party Campaign Module, Election Module and Reports Module


Authentication Module

         This module allows voters to register their details and obtain a voter id card.


Political Parties Module

         This module provides details of each political party participating in the elections. Party symbol, party nominated candidates, constituency details and other information is provided.

Member Asset Module:

         This module provides details of assets held by the candidates. For each candidate ones professional details are maintained.


Party Campaign Module:

         This module maintains details of all political parties and details of candidates. The information about campaigners, cost involved and procedures are also specified. The nomination details of each candidate are available. The election officer details are also included.

Elections Module:

         This module is used to present election schedules as prepared by election commission authorities.

Reports Module

         This module allows generation of reports based on various criteria.

Software Requirements:-

·         Web Presentation                     :        HTML, CSS

·         Client – side Scripting               :        JavaScript

·         Programming Language            :        Java

·         Web based Technologies           :        Servlets, JSP

·         Database Connectivity              :        JDBC

·         Java Version                             :        JDK1.5

·         Backend Database                    :        Oracle 9i

·         Operating System                     :        Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX

·         Web Server                               :        Tomcat 5.5

·         Browser                                    :        IE/Mozilla

Hardware Requirements(minimum):-

·         Pentium processor       :       512 MHZ

·         RAM Capacity             :       1GB

·         Hard Disk                   :       40GB

·         CD-ROM Drive             :      32 HZ

·         Keyboard                   :       108 Standard

·         Mouse                       :       Optical

          Monitor                      :       15’’ Color Monitor

Click here to download Cast Your Referendum source code