Civil Registry

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    Civil Registry is the online system or agency to help the Indian citizens to apply for there government records like passport, driving license, voter’s ID card, PAN card etc... And register certificates like birth, death, marriage etc.

The primary objective of this web site is to give awareness about the government or legal documents and its registration details as well as to help to register or apply for those documents. This also acts as a consultancy agency to assist the public. The main purpose of the web site is to reduce the effort by the candidate and save his time and avoid unwanted rushes at the government offices and assure a smooth working schedule at government offices.

The project Civil Registry still requires more development of IT solutions and itsapplications to improve the issuance of copies of government certificates and legal documents. Civil registry team trying to get more affiliation to government offices and departments. Now civil registry team acting as a agency to help the public.

The entire system is divided into 2 major modules

1.    Administrator Module

2.    Member Module

3.    Visitors Module

Administrator Module:

   In this Administrator  Maintains Club details, Membership types, Class Types, Member creation, venue details, race details, Event Details and club photo gallery , sending mails to members these all are maintained by Administrator

Member Module:

     In this member module, member can change his password and view the profile and participate in races, Event details, viewing the club photo gallery.

Visitor Module:

     In this visitor module ,this member has very few tasks, visitor can enter the site and view the race details, club details, can know contact details with the club if interested can be a part of spectator of the show. If very much interested can get registered through this site. Other than this viewers can



Processor : INTEL Pentium 4

RAM : 512MB

Hard Disk Drive : 40GB

Key Board : Standard 101/102 or Digi Sync Family

Monitor : Display Panel (1024 X 764)

Mouse : Logitech Serial Mouse


Operating System : Windows XP

Front- End : C#. NET with ASP. NET


Click here to download Civil Registry source code